Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Cubs Pictorial - June 10, 2008 Cubs vs. Braves

I went to the game last night. The Cubs won, I sat in a Wrigley Field luxury box, and I brought the goat camera as well as the junior goat camera (a Canon Powershot SD1000). Here are a few pics I snapped in between defending the Miller High Life from the guy who was trying to ruin Miller Time.

Ted Lilly Pitching
Ted Lilly mid-delivery

Ted Lilly was on the bump last night. Aside from a 3 run jack he allowed in the first, Theodore Roosevelt was on last night.

Derrek Lee mid-swing
Derrek Lee preparing to crush a home run

Derrek Lee hit a solo home run in the third that tied the game. This wasn't actually the pitch on which he did it, but we can pretend. (How far did it fly? 389 Happy feet.)

Sliding Into Third
Ryan Theriot slides into third, Alfonso Soriano scores

I love this picture because it shows everyone playing their role. I showed it to my Russian co-worker who reiterated her belief that baseball is too complicated. She couldn't believe all the runners have dedicated 'advisors'. She also loves ping pong and 'badminton'.

Mark DeRosa lays off a pitch

I was at the game as a guest of a Mr. DeRosa, so I figured I would include this one as well.

For some artistic pictures of Wrigley Field, see my post at The Cubdom.

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