Free Dating Apps in Canada

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Canada, is feeling a surge of free online dating apps as couples change how they meet and interact. What options (see are available for Canadian singles looking for Mr or Mrs Right or just someone to spend the night? Tinder changed everything when it did what no other app could and broke into the collage scene. It changed the face of dating app, from old lonely people, to trendy collage kids looking for no strings attached sex. Are these prejudice fair? Of course not, but no one brags about the girl or guy they banged from EHarmony. A Tinder date, has made its way into the English lexicon and it has been copied by a whole new generation of proximity dating services. Grindr, is the LGBT equivalent of Tinder, kind of. The LGBT community is, how I should put this? A bit more direct than their heterosexual counterpart. Grinder has more of a sexual focuses. The app only gives you about 200 characters to use in the about me section, and the majority of profiles use this space, to describe what they want put where. As a bisexual man, with an open minded wife who also gets a kick out of the occasional stranger in the bedroom. I have a unique perspective of how online dating works on both sides of the fence. Grinder exists to facilitate casual unconditional intercourse. Okcupid, is populated by users looking for a significant other with at least a trickle of commitment. It has a location based app, which allows potentials to meet up over coffee or go on a romantic walk. You know, all that cute shit couples do when falling in love. The site has an algorithm for matching partners, implying that more than just good looks draws people together. I haven’t mentioned that it is one of the biggest online dating apps out there. It's has 30 million active users, with a million logging in every day. So if there is a one in a million chance someone would date you; you still have thirty people, or a person every day, to choose from. The apps biggest selling point is also it greatest down fall. When you sign up for the app, after filling out your profile, you answer a raft of multiple choice questions. The app uses your answers to this to find you a match. But people are aware that this is how the app works, and answer the question how their ideal match would, not honestly. This leads to pairing with people who are only pretending to be like you and actually nothing like you. Match, was one of the original dating sites to gain any kind of traction. It was first established in the United States in 1995 and was extended to the UK in 2001. The average age of users places both men and woman between 25 -30 years. The site offers users enough text boxes to really pump their profile with information, which, although exaggerated and sugar-coated, helps people find prospective matches. The site also runs a number of singles events around the country, if you want to take the online out of online dating. Did I mention, that the app is used by 60 million users? That is massive, if dating is a numbers game then Match is where it happens. Choosing the right online dating platform is all about what you are looking for. Decided if you are after a fling or a soul mate and jump on the appropriate platform. They are a sign of the times and you sure can’t beat them. [...]

Sex before competition?

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As a professional athlete, I get asked this a lot. How does sex affect my performance? My own short answer is: I do not believe it does, and this is the position held by most the scientific and sporting community. That being said, Muhammad Ali famously abstained for six weeks before and fight and World Cup football (soccer) teams place, team wide, bans for the duration of the tournament. What evidence is there for this? Athletes love ritual. We are a superstitious lot, believing that our Wednesday lunch will give us superpowers, or our lucky cap will make us faster. Abstinence is just another form of ritual for some. Maybe they rationalise it differently. But when there is no scientific evidence to substantiate their arguments, I would say it is all in the mind. “Nothing is either good or bad thinking make it so.” That was Shakespeare. The 1,500m and one mile runner Marty Liquori, said “Sex makes you happy. Happy people do not run a 3:47 mile.” This is a mind-set a superstition, he gives this power by believing it. Sex is not just in the mind. It cause chemical, observable and measurable changes in the body. Intercourse, as my sex ed teacher used to call it, raises testosterone. Testosterone as we all know, is a chemical known to cause aggression. This could be advantageous in physical codes of sport and possibly a hindrance in others. The female orgasm may stop the release of a specific pain transmitter and help combat muscle pain. Dan Trink, a personal trainer and strength coach located in New York, said "While science does not back up the 'no sex before the big game' myth, there is one factor that will trump all others when it comes to an athlete's performance — his or her mindset. The studies are conclusive that sex does not affect an athlete’s performance. One study did find that having sex within two hours of the test made the subjects less attentive. But I would say most professional athletes are a bit preoccupied for cuddling, two hours before show time. There are a number of other factors which decrease performance, which athletes could be wrongfully attributing to sex. Former New York Yankees manager Casey Stengel said: “It’s not the sex that wrecks these guys, it’s staying up all night looking for it.” A study done by the Department of Exercise Physiology, College of St. Scholastica found that, the effects of sex, on measures like aerobic power and oxygen pulse among 11 men running on treadmills where non-existent. The men were tested twice, once having sex 12 hours before and once without sex. The data showed no difference in both experiments. I have never noticed a difference. When I have a big competition, I will abstain for no other reason than to get good sleep. Nerves also distance any thoughts of sex from my mind, and I don’t think it is right to use as a distraction. I know a lot of guys who claim they lose their edge, feeling slow and sluggish after they satisfy their primal urges. These are the same guy who wear dirty sock on game day and carry black ribbons in their bags.  Not enough research has been done as to the psychological side of things. But my money is on them thinking themselves out of the game. I think that a health sex life builds self-esteem and confidence. If research has shown that superstition can improve an athlete’s performance then I can surely negatively impact it. This is a psychological as opposed to a physiological response. I am not much of a superstitious person, and that follows me into my sporting career. [...]

Casual Dating In Norway

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I have lived in Norway for a whole year now, and thoroughly enjoyed the country. I could go on about climbing Pulpit Rock or the Geirangerfjord. But I am here to talk about Norway’s single most beautiful feature, its woman. What can I say, I have always had a weakness for blonds, and Norwegian hair comes in every shade of gold. Among these mountains one finds quintessential beauty in the female form. Perfect completions, complimented by the bluest eyes, curious and piercing, they see all. They aren’t just good looks. Woman hold a strong place in Norwegian society. They are found in professional and leadership positions in all walks of life. They speak their minds, treat them with as much respect as you would pay a man. I did not find this a problem, coming from a culture where woman pay for dates, and a man does the dishes. Just be aware, that a Norwegian woman was brought up as capable as you, she expects to be treated such. They are proud of their femininity and their intellect. The whole package, brains and beauty. I joined a casual hook ups online dating platform (see here), to meet exciting woman. These platforms are popular in Norway, and I am glad it’s the case. Online dating always simplify the process for a foreigner. I only managed to keep one of my hook ups casual. The first woman I meet with, had no intention of starting any form of relationship. She was also a little cold, and this deterred me. This is a personal observation, and I do not want to offend anyone. Maybe it was just me, but I noticed that the Norwegian people are hard to warm up to. Once you get to know them they are among the nicest people on earth. I just think their society has a reserved demeanour. Anyway this woman did not make it as apparent she was interest as I would have liked and I felt no spark. It did lead to sex but we left it at that and after two dates stopped contacting each other. The second woman I meet up with now calls herself girlfriend. She is painfully beautiful, intelligent and I love her. I guess neither one of us were very good at the casual part of the hook up, but no complaints here. I liked the no expectations place from which our relationship began, it allowed us to be ourselves long enough to fall in love. It is during this beginning stage, where passions soar for someone still a stranger, that most my relationships cash and burn. We are well past that now and the future looks bright and promising. One thing is for sure and that is I am not leaving Norway anytime soon. I owe online dating a whole chapter of my life and would advise anyone on the fence about its benefits to give it a try. I can be daunting to meet with a complete stranger and try find common ground but a six months on it feels silly that this person you are so comfortable with, so yourself with. [...]

Love mature women

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There is something about a mature woman. They already know what they want from life, they aren’t just figuring themselves out bouncing between hobbies, places and jobs. I am attracted by the extra years they spent working on themselves, all the books they had time to read and the thing they have seen. When a mature woman does something, it is for the right reasons. Woman my age are too immature, materialistic or superficial for me. I need a partner who is my equal or better and I find an older lady often has these qualities. We date in our social circles. I knew I wanted someone older but where could I look? The problem was, I did not know how to find older woman, and it is a whole different ball game. My Friday night pub crawl turned out the same mid-twenties, who hang off the bar looking bored until another good looking no-hoper buys them a drink. My friends introduced me to their friends, but I wasn’t interested. As a professional athlete I have never had trouble in this department before I just wasn’t making the right connection. On occasion I would approach older woman only to have them laugh in my face. I needed to find the mature woman who were open to the idea of dating a younger man. A friend suggested I try online dating. See a good overview at I had confessed my love of older woman, and he said that I should give it a go. It sounds vain, but I am a good looking man and an athlete. I have never struggled with woman and thought online dating was a tool for people who could not have a conversation in the real world. I was wrong, in a big way. The online side of the communication was just a brief precursor for meeting real people. I had been struggling to meet mature woman because I did not know how that side street of dating lane worked. Online dating stepped in to fill the void. It was the unknown bar where thousands of approachable mature woman sat around waiting for younger men to hit on them. It was a catalogue of potential lovers and they were all there for the same reason I was. It turned down the awkward and made it easier to overcome the age difference. The very act of my approaching them via message, said it all. There was no fear of rejection; I was behind a screen on the other side of a city of millions. I had a degree of anonymity to play with and it makes all the difference. Dating is a numbers game, online dating tilts the odds in your favour. I could talk to multiple woman at the same time, decide who I had the most chemistry with and pursue her. It felt like choosing instead of settling. Woman approach you online. Our society has decided that men should do the approaching, but online it is different. There are no rules, no etiquette to get hung up on. Just open honest communication. [...]

Why you shouldn’t have sex with your fans

Being an athlete is not without its perk. It has opened doors for me which were sealed shut. Fame and success also have a tendency to open legs. Woman, pretty on the eyes, who promise me the stars, if I would just do them the honour of doing them. You must think I am the luckiest man on earth. These woman tempt but that is all they are, temptation. They have decided to sleep with a stranger because of his status quo. They do not know me from a bar of soap. Call me old fashion, but this is an undesirable trait in my eyes, and I tend to abstain, fans are off limits. I have slipped up before. I’m only human, but it is not worth it. The way they idolise me, it feels artificial, plastic, a relationship they have in their head with a TV personality and I am just the physical aspect of it. Again, you must hate me, poor guy adored by beautiful woman, but I would ask you to reserve your judgment until you have been there. The unspoken aspect of not sleeping with your fans, is that regardless of what we amount to in life the bedroom is where the biggest and bravest of men go to get their feelings hurt. There are a hundred tabloids eagerly waiting for that fan who can give them the scoop, as to how I performed, and an honest review is never a best seller. Maybe I am just paranoid, but millions of woman read those magazines. It is confidence and self-esteem that give me an edge in my line of work, and I cannot have a money hungry fan derail all of that, with the glossy pages of trash reporting. I try keep my best side in the public spot light. I want to be a role model for young people. My mother reads those magazines, and I am never too old for a good smack across the back of the head. Being a good boy makes it easier to get sponsorships and I get invited to nice events. I don’t want to taint my name. My image also affect my proper relationships, how am I to convince a nice woman that I am boyfriend or husband material when a nude photo of me pops up in her Facebook news feed. I am an athlete on the field, off the field I want a normal life and sex life. [...]