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In other horrible, stupid news: Zambrano to the bullpen

Look folks, it's a trivia question!

Q: What team had the highest-paid relief pitcher in history?

Just thinking here.  Sure, Zambrano's been tossing a lot of pitches, but he's been pretty effective minus that horrendous opening day start.  The Cubs have him in a no-trade contract, locked up until 2012, and they are paying him something like 17 million or more this season.

They also have on their team Carlos Silva, a pitcher who has been performing well above his ability in the rotation, who's a short-timer with the Cubs.  Not to mention Tom Gorzelanny.

So why -- why?!? - does Lou Piniella and the Cubs pick Carlos Zambrano to be the new set-up guy?  How -- how?!?! -- does this make the Cubs better? 

It's not just a trivia question -- it's a mystery.  It is a nonsensical riddle that will frustrate fans, enrage Zambrano, and possibly result in his eventual waiving of the no-trade clause so he can be sent to the Red Sox at far below his real value.  (After all -- who gives up a lot for a 16 million plus starter who's been delegated to the bullpen?  How does this drive up his value?)

Feel free to express your rage in the comments section. 

Well... 1.862 WHIP, 4.7 BB/9


1.862 WHIP, 4.7 BB/9 and .317/.398/.524/.922 line against - yep, looks just like the rest of the pitchers in our Pen

I just dont get it though. Is this a move to hopefully get him to demand a trade? We know he has said he would refuse to waive his clause if asked, is this their way of changing that? Other teams would probably still hold the illogical "he's an ace" mentality and figure they could fix him, I doubt a demotion like this would hurt his trade value any more then it is so it could be the idea...

If not, I just don't see how this will EVER make the remaining 3/54M go well. In fact, I would be afraid to go anywhere near the club because Zambrano might just kill someone in the coming days.

pssst... hey, BigZ, if you must kill someone please dont forget Shark-Bait is costing starters games!

My two cents: -I think this

My two cents:

-I think this makes the bullpen better. Z’s gonna be better in the 8th inning than what we were previously trotting out there. However, the good ends there. I’ve got no doubt that adding Silva to the pen instead and shipping out the floppy haired idiot would make the pen better too. Moving Z to the pen is the absolute wrong move. Struggles this year aside, I’m still confident he’s our 3rd or 4th best starter, and you just can’t put that guy in the pen. You just can’t. I think Lou’s lost his marbles. When I question whether or not something was a good move, I check in and see what that blithering idiot Al Yellon thinks of the move. He likes it. That confirms to me it was an atrocious idea. EFFFFFFF.


I am befuddled by this as well. Just does not make sense. BUT then again, maybe moving Soriano to the bullpen would help. I don't know. This is ridiculous. I'd like to see references to a team that moved their "ace" to the pen, then back to the starting rotation and either A) made the playoffs and B) won the World Series. If not, then the season is done, as far as a playoff standpoint is concerned.

Dumbest move imaginable

I am beside myself. "Let's take our 2nd best pitcher and have him throw 65 innings instead of 200! And while we're at it, lets just force our infielders to take shots of everclear in between innings! BRILLIANT."

Dumb f*cking Cubs.


It worked for Hack Wilson! If it turns Derrek Lee and Aramis into Hack Wilson, I am all for getting the drunk for games!

"And while we're at it, lets

"And while we're at it, lets just force our infielders to take shots of everclear in between innings!"

Are our infielders old enough to take shots? Oh wait, there all like 30+ arent they - they just look like 10 year olds...

I'm really sorry this

I'm really sorry this particular entry (SMan's above comment) is buried in the bottom of the comments section on one post, because this is probably the most genius assessment of the Chicago Cubs I've ever read.

Our infielders are all older than 30, and they all look like 10 year olds. Dadgumit.

surely it's temporary

Surely it's only temporary. I'll bet Pinella is playing mind games with Z. We'll see.

I dont know... MLB network

I dont know... MLB network reported Lou was quoted as saying "it might not be temporary" which leads me to believe that it might not be temporary... Of course, maybe I am taking it wrong (please F*ing tell me I am taking that wrong!!!)

Edit to say luckily haven't heard this again since.

The Only Way

.... I see this working is if Z is used Goose Gossage style. If they take his current roughly 8 or so innings on average a week as a starter and turn it into 5 high leverage innings in the bullpen. I'd like to see him used to neutalize the top and middle of orders for two innings minimum per game. If the starters can go 6 or 7, Z can usually 2 or 3 if need be and Marmol can always go 1.

Even though people accuse me of happy talk around here, I have very little confidence that Lou will do this. Essentially turning Z into a high leverage "6th starter" but if he does, this could be a genius move.

I'm skeptical but if this works, they could use Sean Marshall this way also and thus turn into an effective 8 man pitching staff (with the others around just when Z and SM are not available or in low leverage spots). Let's see if Lou is serious about using him this way. I doubt it but we can only hope.

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