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Shutterbug frenzy - more photos of the big day!

So I'm talking to Kurt earlier about how cool D.B.'s photos were and he goes and posts them all to the front page. Well, I could just sit there and say "yeah, they were cool photos, it doesn't matter he stole the idea from me" but I'm not like that. Oh no! Lucky for me I get a hot tip for something I can slap Kurt in the face with, for I don't have to scour the reader blogs, I get the stuff emailed to me directly! Yep, thanks to Steve McCoy I get to post never before seen on GROTA photos and look way cooler (well, less dorky) than Kurt. Haha!


Oh, and Steve also notes this was his kids' first ever Cubs game! I think that's called "doing it with style".

Outfielders rush in

I'm not going to flood the page (although the occassion possibly merits it) but go take a look at the whole set. Full credit to Scott (and D.B.) for helping us get a little closer to this one.

Great pics!

You had a really good vantage point from up there! I especially loved the celebration shots.

Thx, Same...

Yeah, higher up has some photo advantage, but would rather have been where you were sitting. Thanks for the link and photos up here Kevin! Love GROTA.

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