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Why didn't I blast on Wells last year like I did Soto in 2009?

To be honest, I don't know.

I guess it was because, in my opinion, the Cubs were the best team in baseball during the 2008 regular season, so when they crapped the bed the next year, there was the reigning Rookie of the Year, all fat and satisfied.  By the next year, we are all just numb, I guess, so when Wells showed up all fat and satisfied, it just didn't sting as much.  There were few expectations on my part.

Yes, Randy Wells admitted to Paul Sullivan that he got too caught up in himself and stopped caring about his craft.  If you click the link and read the article, it sounds like Greg Maddux got ahold of him and shook him up and down until the brain hit the brainpan.  Wells is not the old Kerry Wood, or Zambrano, or Marmol.  He does not have 'stuff', and he must concentrate on every pitch he throws if he wants to succeed.  It sounds like either he didn't realize that, or simply thought better of it.

My question is: wasn't Maddux around the whole year?  Why didn't somebody get ahold of this pixystick sooner, bench him, send him to the pen, send him to Iowa, send him to Pittsburgh?  Why was he allowed to live in la-la-land the whole season, pissing away at least 16 games (the ones he was credited for losing, and perhaps a few others besides)?  Where the hell was his manager and pitching coach??

Oh.  Well.  We know the answer to the last question.  The pitching coach was plotting his exit strategy to New York, and the manager was looking for more pudding.

How can we blame Hendry for this one?  Hendry fills the uniforms, but it is up to the on-field personnel to do their jobs, once they put the uniform on.  Should a GM be able to judge a player's mental make-up prior to committing to him?  I think so.  You may disagree, you may say a GM need only to judge based on results. 

Let's hope Wells is taking this lesson to heart, and that he does bounce back and become the solid staff contributor.  It just pisses me off that we wasted at least one entire year of our lives last year, pinning our hopes on a bunch of guys who were not being led, not managed, not coached, and in (at the very least) in Randy Wells' case, were more concerned with themselves than the game.

You owe us, chief.

Randy Wells Sophomore Slump

2009: 12-10...5.66 K/9....294 BABIP...4.24 xFIP...3.1 WAR

2010: 8-14....6.67 K/9.....320 BABIP...4.09 xFIP...3.3 WAR

With line-drive, ground ball, and fly ball percentages remaining roughly the same, hitters making roughly the same contact, and actually posting a BETTER WAR this year than last...maybe this Randy Wells 'slump' is being drummed up a little much? The two biggest differences in Wells' first two seasons? His win-loss and BABIP...two things that he has the least control over

And the day I tell a baseball

And the day I tell a baseball player "you owe me"...that is the beginning of the end.

why not?

You honestly enjoyed 2010? Did you not spend any money or any time on the Cubs last year? I know I did. Lots.

I expect guys who are on the team to make the game their #1 priority, and he has admitted that he hasn't.

So yeah, he owes me. He owes you too, unless you are some sort of mope who doesn't care who wins or loses.

I'm with the both of you. It

I'm with the both of you. It looks like a swing in luck accounted for most of Randy's 2010, but I agree with Rob for once - This is a guy who can never afford to let his focus waiver, so if he did "get too big for his britches", it's time to recommit right now.




The amount of logic and reason you are displaying is unbelievable - you should be BANNED from this blog!!! hahaha

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