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Some Kudos for Colin

In case you are not aware, our very own Colin whips out his big rig (his computer) and performs exemplary analyses from time to time on The Hardball Times.  In his latest episode, he builds us a multiple linear regression model WITHOUT constants to model free agent paydays based on gate receipts, media revenues, etc. 

Now, you may or may not care about how clubs derive free agent value, or any of the other topics they tackle over there at THT.  But if you did, it's amazing how a little uppergraduate-level college mathematics can be applied to explain most phenomena in the baseball world.

Naturally, these principles can then be used to project future performance, and more of us tend to start paying attention.  I've gone around a few times with Colin out here - because there ain't no good way to measure a player's intenergy with an economic modelling package - but just like I wouldn't appreciate him telling ME how to root for the Cubs, I'm not going to tell HIM to pack the damn laptop up and just down a Bud Light and a Fontanini beef, instead.

But I gotta tell ya, some of the commenters on his post?  I hope to God that them guys are livin' in huge mansions, drivin' fast cars, and boppin' starlets - because otherwise, I can't even imagine why you'd ever be THAT serious?

Also noticed that, in his credits, he doesn't mention GROTA.  THT must be ASHAMED about us...or maybe he himself is...Eye-wink

yay math! really though, if

yay math!

really though, if people understood at how useful math actually is... i think we'd be better at mathematics.

there's a little yogi in everyone.

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