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Juan Yasser Serrano tries to sign with Cuba, doesn't look closely enough at the contract

Yasser!In other words, the Cubs have signed themselves their first Cuban defector in recent memory.  The player in question is Juan Yasser Serrano, a pitcher who is apparently destined for Double (or possibly Triple) A. 

Serrano brings with him a fastball in the low 90's, and is reportedly 21 years of age.  (Keyword: reportedly.)  It'd be interesting to look a little deeper into the numerous Cuban defectors through the years, in order to uncover the number of them who are actually successful, but my feelings are that it's actually a small number who move on to glorious things. 

But one thing I will say about Cuba: their jerseys are pretty cool.  I gotta get one.

Picture may or may not be of an actual Cuban baseball player


First. That's a picture of Yadel Marti.
Second. Sorrano's signing with the Cubs not Cuba.
Third. Read SOMETHING about Cuban baseball before constructing an article.
Fourth. Congrats, you low balled a Cuban prospect into signing. He had a good arm once and failed miserably of late in a very tough National Cuban league. He's still young and could be something. You did well with the amount...but there are many better Cuban players, even with paperwork in hand. jh

First - nothing you said

First - nothing you said refuted my skepticism about whether or not he'll be successful.

Second - If you have ever seen a Cubs jersey in which "Cubs" is written in cursive, it strongly resembles "Cuba." In other words, although this is lost on you, it was a joke.

Third - What's your point again?

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