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But, I can do what I want.

What in the FUCK is X Nady doing out at first base???

Playing Colvin there is a better idea.  Playing Ramirez there is a better idea.  Playing freakin Soriano there is a better idea!  Playing dopesmoker Soto there is a better idea than wasting the reps and at bats on a never-was has been with two elbow surgeries who hasn't hit dick, never was an impact major leaguer, and if Jim Hendry has even a shred of ability as a General Manager, should flip him in a trade with an AL team this winter.

This is de facto evidence that Piniella stopped giving a fuck.  I remember when he was a good manager and a smart man, not a fat sloppy drunk who gives reacharounds to his coaches while the game goes on.

Oh, yeah.  Put goddamn Three Finger Hill out of his misery, too.  He could not suck more if his name was Gabor Bako.

AJ says:

I can only see one reason for playing Nady at first, and it's the same reason Kosuke has been leading off a lot lately: giving other teams a chance to scout, coaxing them into taking these guys off our hands rather than paying them the minimum after we release them.

Then again, if no one's yet bitten, why should we expect anyone to come around now?

As for Koyie Hill -- and Jeff Baker too, I think -- there's no reason to keep them on the field and prevent younger players from getting major league experience. Cut Hill and get Wellington Castillo some starts, and call up Marquez Smith or Bryan LaHair or someone instead of putting in Jeff Baker.

If we're gonna lose 30 of our next 40, let's at least do it in style.

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