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Moment of Indulgence

I love baseball probably more than almost anything in the world. I'd almost trade my whole family (wife, 2 kids) for baseball if given a choice. Probably not, but I'd think about it.

When I was young, I was waiting for the first player younger than me to debut on a baseball field. When that happened, I knew I would cease being a boy and would be a man. It was with great honor when a young man who was born in the same month as me but 16 days later debuted for the Seattle Mariners on April 3, 1989. His name was Ken Griffey, Jr. Because of that connection I have with him, I always consider him one of my favorite non Cub players of all time.

Why do I write this now? Well, 5 days after Griffey debuted, another young man pitched his first game for the Texas Rangers. His name was Jamie Moyer and he is now 47 years old. I wait for him and others to become ineffective and retire because when every player in baseball older than me is done playing, I will officially be "old". I know, it's weird but I do chart my life by what happens in baseball. Jamie Moyer is currently one of my favorite players and I hope he pitches forever. With apologies to Bill James, here is my ode to Mr. Moyer.

Jamie Moyer is old. Moyer was traded with Rafael Palmeiro for Mitch Williams before the 1989 season. Moyer is older than Palmeiro, who hasn't played in five years. He's older than Mitch Williams who hasn't played in 13 years and is now an analyst in the MLB network.

Al Leiter and Barry Larkin are also analysts on the MLB network. Moyer is older than both of them. Moyer is older than Al Leiter's older brother Mark.

Moyer is older than AJ Hinch, the manager for the Diamondbacks. By 12 years. AJ Hinch was a catcher and he became the starting catcher for the A's, replacing previous catcher Brent Mayne. Jamie Moyer is older than Brent Mayne. Mayne replaced Mike MacFarlane at catcher for the Royals after the 1990 season. Moyer is older than MacFarlane.

Moyer is also older than Ozzie Guillen who won the AL Rookie of the Year in 1985. He's older than Barry Bonds. He's older than Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire. He's older than Randy Johnson and Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine. He's older than Roberto Alomar who got snubbed for the Hall of Fame this year.

Remember that great 1991 Blue Jays world seris championship team that included Alomar? Well, Moyer is older than the starting first baseman, shortstop, catcher and center fielder on that team as well as second basmen (in order John Olerud, Manny Lee, Greg Myers, Devon White and Alomar). He's older than 3/5 of that rotation (Todd Stottlemyre, David Wells, Juan Guzman).

How about award winners? Moyer is older than Jeff Bagwell and Frank Thomas, both MVP winners born on the same day. He's older than Larry Walker, Juan Gonzalez and Mo Vaughn (MVP winners all).

He's older than 1996 NL MVP winner Ken Caminiti but Caminiti is dead and you don't get older than dead.

Jamie Moyer is almost 7 years older than me. I hope he pitches forever.

This was beautiful. The fact

This was beautiful. The fact that I think so makes *me* old, so thanks for that, too, you great jackass Eye-wink


That was a great post. They showed last night that he pitched 100 games before Starlin Castro was born.

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