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Why I hate the Hayden Simpson draft pick

It's possible I could be wrong about this. Completely wrong. I hope I am. The thing about Hayden Simpson isn't that the Cubs drafted him. It's that they drafted him first in the draft. Look, you can like a player a lot and overdraft him. If Simpson is drafted by the Cubs in the second round, I'd consider it an overdraft but just figure the Cubs fell in love with him and they chose a guy slated for the 4th round in the 2nd, whatever, no harm, no fould, hope he suceeds.

But the problem here is that the first round pick is more important. The first round pick in this draft is going to result in the Cubs taking someone who can be a key contributor to the 2012-2017 period that the Cubs have to win a championship. A world championship. I don't think it is a good idea to be gambling with this pick. You take someone like Josh Sale or Zack Cox or even a pitcher like Alex Wimmers if you want to win in that five year period. You "gamble" on a guy like Simpson in the second or even better yet, third round. There is no good reason to take him here. Because of his size and bulldog attitude, I've heard him compared to Tim Lincecum. I admit that this comp is a ridiculous one as very few pitchers in major league history have been as successful in their first 3 years as Lincecum but Simpson had better be at least close to as good as Lincecum or I will consider this a wasted pick.

It's been a couple of hours since the pick but I still find myself scratching my head on this one.

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Give it time. We all bitched when the Cubs took a reliever in the first round. This year we bitch because we took a starter that wasn't who we expected. I'm not saying this kid turns out, but I like what I have seen so far and I think its far too soon to assign a "love/hate" designation for the pick.

I just don't think the

I just don't think the love/hate is for the player whatsoever. We all want, hope, and somewhat expect (they must have drafted him for some reason) this simpson kid to do well. However, people have a big problem with the "pick". I know nothing about prospects, but I know that this kid was considered a fourth or fifth round talent by most services. Regardless of whether that is true, it is presumed that most other MLB teams had him in this range. (I think Neyer or Stark's blog supported this with evidence from anonymous comments by other teams). If that's true, then there was very little threat of any other team taking this kid in teh first round. Or the second, Or, probably, the third. So it seems very illogical to waste your first round pick on him. The only rationale explanation was that they had this kid very high (assumedly, the highest when their pick came) on their big board, and they knew with damn near certainty that someone else was going to take him before he came back around. That's the only explanation that works from an intelligent point of view. The other two options are that A. Rickets is cheap and B. The management does not understand game theory.

Critics are saying two things: First, as discussed above, they better have known that this kid was going off the board. Second, because they ranked this kid so much higher than everyone else, their first round view of him goes against the grain. They disagreed with many, many other teams and knew it. Of course, they should make their own decisions, but the fact that every other team had him much lower should have indicated that they are too high on him. They knew that and drafted him anyways. That means that they had to be THAT high on him to defy logical reasons for placing him there. And if they are THAT high on him, I guess, they damn well better be right, and he better be a stud.

Completely agree with Peter

Completely agree with Peter here. Wilken has earned his paycheck with some totally outstanding draft crops in recent years.

To me, it's as simple as this: the Cubs wanted Simpson. If they thought they could get him at #65, they'd have waited. When they received information that another team might snag him before then, they went and got their man.

Colvin, Vitters, Cashner, Jackson. Big leaguer, Top 100 prospect, big leaguer, Top 100 prospect. I think this Wilken guy knows what he's doing.

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