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The Draft

Hello all. Just a reminder that I pretty much don't care about this season that much anymore. I still think the Cubs will end up with a respectable season but have stated my position that the future is bright and the present is mediocre. Today's draft could be key to that future.

The Cubs pick 16th in the first round today and the list of possible selections by them is very long. If I were a betting man, I'd predict that they will take a college pitcher. I'd love it if they took a high ceiling high school hitter. It all depends who is available when the Cubs pick. No one has any idea how the draft will fall.

Here are some possible selections in the first round and their profiles on mlb.com:

College Hitters:

Bryce Brentz
Michael Choice
Christian Colon

College Pitchers:

Alex Wimmers
Asher Wojciechowski
Brandon Workman
Anthony Ranaudo
Brett Eibner

High School Hitters:

Nick Castellanos
Josh Sale
Justin O'Connor

High School Pitchers:

Kaleb Cowart
Stetson Allie
Karsten Whitson
A.J. Cole
Dylan Covey

There are probably a half a dozen other possibilities. If I had my druthers, they'd end up with Sale but I think it's going to be one of the college pitchers. We'll see.

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