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Aramis Delivers! (Game Recap: Cubs 8, Astros 5)

As I ponder why Tyler Colvin isn't in the list of Content, let's talk about a big Cubs win today!

If Aramis and Derrek Lee start hitting like they did today (on top of Marlon Byrd and the aforementioned Mr. Colvin), the Cubs offense should start scoring enough to back up what has been a solid pitching staff this year.

The Cubs jumped all over Roy Oswalt today to the tune of 6 runs on 9 hits in 7 innings. Both Ramirez and Colvin hit shots off of him. Colvin, who I am admittedly not a believer of, seems to have made himself a quasi regular with his early season heroics.

As for Ramirez? Well, I'm not willing to say he's back but I will say that he needs to do 2 things to turn around his season:

1) Stop striking out
2) Hit the ball far

He has been failing at both this year but has now gone two straight games (against two straight strikeout pitchers) without K'ng. I'd like to see him extend that streak and hit a couple of more extra base hits tomorrow.

Ryan Dempster kept up the string of decent pitching performances. Ryan Theriot drew a walk. The bullpen tried to give it away and then Carlos Marmol actually got 2 straight batters out without a strikeout. An interesting day all around.

Wells on the mound tomorrow. Let's take this series and head to Pittsburgh with a full head of steam!

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