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Woe is Cub: A Fair and Balanced Look at Cub Fan Mentality

Sometimes I get in a little bit of trouble for not being the friendliest person when dealing with certain kinds of situations.  For example, if Carlos gets chased from the 1st inning of his next start and somebody says "he's done this year," then whoever says that will not be my friend for at least a few minutes. 

In other words, I'm not internet-friendly.  On the internet you're supposed to make broad proclamations.  You're expected to say alienating things without being called on it.  Actually I'll defer to this particular website (baby's first internet) to explain in detail what the internet is meant to be all about.

Anyway, if I acted irritated toward you or somebody like you in the last few days then I apologize.  GROTA is part journal/part forum and as a so-called moderator it's not my job to mock somebody who believes that Joey Gathright deserves a chance to bat cleanup.  But I will say this...

The self-defeatest, Woe is Cub attitude has to go.  It wasn't directly the goal of this blog to change peoples' attitudes about Woe is Cub, but think about it for a second.  We're the Goat Riders of the bleedin' Apocalypse!  We created this blog within weeks of the second consecutive gut-wrenching, heart-breaking season finale.  When Cub fans were at their lowest we appeared to say THE CUBS ARE GOING TO WIN THE WORLD SERIES! 

Granted, this is our 5th season of saying that.  But looking back on the past 4 years of Cubs baseball, can you really argue that things are getting worse?  Or are the Cubs becoming a perenial contender in the NL Central with a solid structure of discipline and talent?  I'm not saying that we had anything to do with it, but we did believe it could happen.

Lou Piniella calls it Cubbie Swagger.  But on the other side of the fence I've seen a lot of Cubbie Downer from the fans who are some of the most pessemistic people I have ever seen.  We are the Debbie Downer of the baseball world.  Regular fans could be singing the virtues of the Cubs, and some of us would be talking about the inevitable extinction of polar bears. 

But I get it.  I understand why.  I just don't agree with it. 

I believe that the failings - and successes, for that matter - of past seasons means nothing to the current one.

I believe that a player starting the year 1 for 30 is not indicative of how many hits he'll have after 300 - or even 60 - at at bats on the season.

I believe that on any given night, the best pitcher on any team can crap the bed, and that the worst pitcher can get huge outs.  I believe that the success - or failure - of the pitcher in that situation does not directly effect his next outing.

I believe that any team which wins 100 games will compile streaks of games in which they look like they could lose 100 games.  Likewise I believe that the worst teams in baseball will look amazing every once in a while.

I believe, then, that a 9-8 start, while disappointing, gives absolutely no indication of the team's final record.  I believe that, as built, the Cubs are capable of being an offensive force to reckon with.  I believe it's actually somewhat amazing that they've won 9 games considering that half of their starting 8 began the year ice cold.  And I believe it's ludicrous to expect - or even worry - that all of those players will put up subpar numbers in 2009.

As we've pointed out, the Cubs are a fantastic team on paper.  As we've also noted, there does however happen to be a reason why they actually play the games.  So for sure the Cubs aren't guaranteed anything.  But regardless of mixed early results, I think they'll be kicking ass very soon.

Anyway, I'll make you a deal.  If you choose not to actively taunt the dynamite monkey (that's me), I will choose not to actively disagree loudly and regularly whenever you have a minor flip-out over the direction of the Cubs season.  But please remember where you are.  This blog was created because we believe the Cubs are not cursed, or doomed, to forever play in obscurity.  So please don't act surprised when we're not the first ones to give up on the 2009 season.

But if that day comes, when it happens, you better believe the Cubs are screwed.

Beautiful Post.

A good dose of reality for Cubs fans here...Cubs fans need to kill this gloom and doom scenario every time the team doesn't win by 15 runs each game...The Cubs are just fine so far. It is a long season. Good post, Kurt!

Maybe it's not everyone

You know, I could play a Chris Rock album for 100,000 people, and some population would disagree on the humorousness of each joke.

For a more specific example, there are obviously people on this messageboard who believe that Rob guy actually is funny. I am not one of those people. But I know you can't force people to think he's not funny just because you think he isn't.

The point here is.... maybe not everyone feels the way you keep harping about? I really don't know the %, but I think you could assume that an overwhelming majority of fans worth having a conversation about baseball with feel that the Cubs are the offensive class of the NL and don't believe the sky is falling.

Honestly, is there any team in baseball whose fans are lectured for one behavior or another more than the Cubs? Don't care enough, too pessimistic, racist against Black people, racist against Japanese people. Side note, are Black Cub fans also racist against Black Cub players, or does media just assume all Cub fans are non-Black fans?

It would be nice to have people just talk about the games. For instance, David Patton sucks... badly. So when the Cubs inevitably have to give him back to his old team, that will make the decision to cut and pay Chad Gaudin AND lose Patton look pretty terrible. That's 2 straight springs where a dude who was unhittable in the spring out of nowhere has sucked the bag in April. Where is Carmen Pignatiello now? Twins AAA bullpen. Hopefully this will be the last spring the Cubs make an egregious end of the bullpen decision... and the last time a playoff contender tells itself they can keep a Rule 5 pick on the roster all season, especially at the most interchangeable spot on the roster.... the "someone whose arm isn't toast or the game isn't close enough to use the best people" roster spot.

You realize though that any

You realize though that any response I give, or comment I make about the behavior of Cub fans stems directly from what people have said on GROTA, right?

So it's not as if I am playing to a cliche or making bold statements about some generalized fan-type who doesn't actually exist in the real world. All of my rhetoric is in direct response to what people - plural - have said at this very blog in the past few days.

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