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With Reed We Will Succeed?

It's amazing what a difference a few extra words mean.

In all the daily Chicago newspapers, overshadowing the pathetic Pirate sweep, lead stories picked up on Ted Lilly's choice of undergarment yesterday.  Namely, a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan "With Reed We Will Succeed".  I made the mistake of first reading the Sun-Times article, which states that Reed gave the shirt to Lilly.  Self Serving, much?  But doing due diligence, I checked GoatFriend Paul Sullivan, who noted that Reed was given the t-shirt by a flight attendant, and, embarrassed to wear it himself, gave it to Lilly, known for his lack of pretense when it comes to free stuff.  Much different story there.

So, even in the face of a miserable performance, the Cubs clubhouse is once again a harmonious home for our wayward jock heroes. 

My question today to you, Cub fans and Goat readers: is the fact that Ted Lilly wants Reed back, and presumably other teammates do, too.  Is this enough? 

In my mind, Reed does not add anything significantly that Fukudome doesn't already have, and in fact is not a great deal better than Sam Fuld - except his batting average with runs in scoring position.  I mean, Fuld has played in over 60 games without an RBI??  For all you Fuld Fanz, let me break this to you gently...Sam sucks!  I know he plays hard.  Hey, I can find you ten guys in the aisle next to me that will run full-out for the major league minimum.  Doesn't make them major league ballplayers.

So the fact that Reed Johnson isn't substantially better than Sam Fuld tells me that it is wasted money if you pay him much more than the minimum.  Great guy, probably.  Nice 25th man.  His teammates love him.  Is that a good enough reason to keep him?  Or would you rather have Hoffpauir and Fox, two guys who are nearly the same player, will hit .250, hit double-digit home runs?

Johnson, Fox, or Hoffpauir.  Pick two of the above for 2010.  Or one or none, if you wish.  We don't have room for three, unless you are planning on starting one of them.  And if you are, then we are in big, big trouble.

Reed and Fox

Give me Reed Johnson and Jake Fox.

There's no point in keeping Hoffpauir and Fox since they overlap in just about every imaginable way except that Fox is two years younger. Fox can continue to get spot work from the bench and back up A-Ram when the inevitable injury occurs.

As for Reed...he gives you a defensive replacement for Soriano at the end of games, a right handed bat to switch up when Fukudome is spinning himself into the ground, and he seems like a solid clubhouse guy (something we drastically gave up with the whole Derosa loss and Bradley pickup).

I love saying Hoff-POWER ever time he's up, but really, there just isn't any room for him with Fox in the picture.

Seconded - Jake and Reed

I prefer to have the versatility of Jake Fox (First, Third, Corner Outfield, Third Catcher, Rumored Second baseman) along with the right-handed bat of Reed Johnson to platoon with Kosuke when Fukudome is hitting poorly.

I think Hoffpauir needs to do some serious work this offseason to show that his .235 is a fluke, or he'll spend next season (barring other injuries) as he spent this August.

Fuld reminds me of Theriot: tries really hard, gets on base, smallish. I think he may be playing into Lou's favor because of it.

Realistically, second base is the most glaring issue this offseason. How many roster spots are tied up with second basemen will probably dictate how many spare outfielders there are. The outfield is a mess, but time will help sort that out. I don't rule out a repeat of this year's opening day outfield, but I won't be shocked by total turnover.

keep him

I like Reed and he seems to be a good clubhouse guy. I have to agree that it depends on how much money he commands, but if I were to choose from the 3 I'd take Reed and Fox. I don't know what's happened to Hoffpauir, but he's doing nothing but aging and has had his opportunities in Chicago. I don't think he's much of an outfielder, so he's really just taking up a roster spot for a Lefty off the bench.


I'll take Fox and Reed. Although I will miss yelling, "Never hassle the Hoff!" during each at bat. I have no solid statistical information to back this up, but Reed Johnson is a guy who can play on my team any day.

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