Why you shouldn’t have sex with your fans

Being an athlete is not without its perk. It has opened doors for me which were sealed shut. Fame and success also have a tendency to open legs. Woman, pretty on the eyes, who promise me the stars, if I would just do them the honour of doing them. You must think I am the luckiest man on earth.

These woman tempt but that is all they are, temptation. They have decided to sleep with a stranger because of his status quo. They do not know me from a bar of soap. Call me old fashion, but this is an undesirable trait in my eyes, and I tend to abstain, fans are off limits. I have slipped up before. I’m only human, but it is not worth it. The way they idolise me, it feels artificial, plastic, a relationship they have in their head with a TV personality and I am just the physical aspect of it. Again, you must hate me, poor guy adored by beautiful woman, but I would ask you to reserve your judgment until you have been there.

The unspoken aspect of not sleeping with your fans, is that regardless of what we amount to in life the bedroom is where the biggest and bravest of men go to get their feelings hurt. There are a hundred tabloids eagerly waiting for that fan who can give them the scoop, as to how I performed, and an honest review is never a best seller. Maybe I am just paranoid, but millions of woman read those magazines. It is confidence and self-esteem that give me an edge in my line of work, and I cannot have a money hungry fan derail all of that, with the glossy pages of trash reporting.

I try keep my best side in the public spot light. I want to be a role model for young people. My mother reads those magazines, and I am never too old for a good smack across the back of the head. Being a good boy makes it easier to get sponsorships and I get invited to nice events. I don’t want to taint my name. My image also affect my proper relationships, how am I to convince a nice woman that I am boyfriend or husband material when a nude photo of me pops up in her Facebook news feed. I am an athlete on the field, off the field I want a normal life and sex life.