Goatriders of the Apocalypse

What's that, Lassie? Timmy's stuck in the rumor mill?

Maybe the Cubs won't have to go far to find a left-handed outfielder; the White Sox may be dealing Nick Swisher. I think that'd be a nice buy-low situation for the Cubs.

Oh, right, Jake Peavy. Here's the latest from the UT:

  • The Pads aren't looking to package Greene and Peavy; they probably will deal the shortstop seperately.
  • Padres GM Kevin Towers says he's "down the road" in trade talks for Peavy with two teams, presumably the Cubs and Braves. Nothing is expected to happen today, however.
  • Oh, and in case you were wondering: Hendry and Towers have now bowled together, in addition to playing golf.

Hendry talks about his plans:

"We're a long way from anybody having any idea what our club will be," Hendry said Tuesday at the GM meetings. "To talk about our own free agents or somebody else's isn't [productive].

"We'll do whatever we can to make the club better before spring training. It's a process when the free-agent [period] starts. You never know where it's going."

So Hendry must wait until Dempster and Wood can negotiate with other teams Nov. 13 to see what offers are made. And that could last well into December as players see what the market bears.

The Braves apparently are interested in Dempster as well. He's expected to stay in Chicago - reportedly there's an offer from the Cubs for three years, $36 million. If he signs for that, it's a real bargain. I don't know that he will.

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