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I don't want to get too deep into the details, but a loyal Goat Reader sent me an EMail earlier today (or perhaps late last night) suggesting that people should solicit the Cub Fan Nation for small donations.  With that donated money, we can hand it over to the Cubs which would allow them to purchase another free agent this off season.

I don't mean to be the guy who tells you that neither Santa - nor Ned - is real or anything, but it's not gonna happen.  Put it to you this way... there was a guy out there who was trying to get the Cub Fan Nation to donate money toward the purchase of the Cubs from the Tribune under the condition that anybody who bid money would co-own the team, and he couldn't get many donations. 

We're not going to get a million Cub fans to donate $10, or $5, or $1.  We won't even be able to get a thousand of us to do anything like that.  Besides, the Cubs really, really don't need it.

We're talking about a billion dollar organization that falls within the Top Five - and perhaps even the Top Three - in money making capabilities, behind only the Yankees and perhaps the Red Sox.  The Cubs make money.  And if they really think they don't have the cash to drop an extra 10 million on Jake Peavy,  Ben Sheets, or whomever else they wanted, then all they'd have to do is raise ticket prices again for even more money, and they would easily be able to generate the money we're talking about over the span of a season. 

So if  you really want the Cubs to spend that kind of cash on the free agent of your desires, rather than solicit us directly for money try a different approach - start an online petition to the Cubs and tell them that you want - nay,  you demand - that they raise ticket prices by an average of $5 a seat and that they spend their 15 million dollars in '09 alone in bringing in another top free agent.  After all, the Cubs will always sell out Wrigley Field, no matter how nutty the prices get. 

ticket prices

Excellent entry here. Frankly they can start selling upper deck reserved tickets for 50 bucks a pop and it would not affect the attendance one bit. People are already willing to drop that much on bleacher tickets. And those seats, while it may be a fun experience, are probably the worst seats for actually seeing the game from. I'm all for higher prices if it helps the Cubs finally win.

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