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Sunday afternoon uniform madness

I think there's something wrong with my brain.  Every once in a while I get baseball on my mind and this weekend has been particularly bad.  Problem is, it's never anything constructive that I can use to benefit GROTA.

Ever since this morning, I've been chasing uniforms.  I have discovered that I am particularly fond of the home and road jerseys worn by the Braves in the early 1970's - you've seen them, Hank Aaron was wearing one when he smashed Ruth's record.

He had a hammer

Although I'm not a Braves fan, although I care nothing for Atlanta, I have to own one.  I just have to.  I'm nuts that way.

What's more, I also covet the hats.  It all started because the Blue Jays began wearing these ones on Friday night home games:

Jays hat

So far as I can tell, hats with white (or different colored) fronts have been warn by several teams throughout baseball's history - the Brewers, Expos, Jays, Padres, and yes, the Braves.

I don't know why, but I swear that they release endorphins in my brain.  I.  Must.  Have.

Anyway, I take it back.  This coveting of mine will help content for the blog because I'm going to write an article about Cubs uniforms throughout the ages; just not today.  Come back tomorrow morning, it might be here by then.


i can kind of see where you are coming from. For some reason, I want one of Ron Santo's amputated legs.......

Kurt, if you wanna stay loyal...

to the organization, look into a Tennessee Smokies alternate home cap. Along with being the Cubs' AA club and my local team, they sport a groovy blue and white alternate home cap like those cool Braves caps of the 70s.

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