Goatriders of the Apocalypse

A tumultuous week, personally; a glimmer of hope for the rest of us

Matt Snyder over at AOL Fanhouse made an interesting point the other day.  During their initial podcast, he (as their resident Cubs fan) was asked if the Cubs can get back into the NL Central race.

He noted that the question he was asked included the word "can", which he took to mean "is it possible"?  Well, all you have to do is look to your right to see that, as of this morning, it says "2.5" for us under the "GB" column, and since this is July, and not September 30th, it is quite numerically possible for the Cubs to win the NL Central.  So he said yes, they can.  But then Matt continued to say that if the question he was posed was a bit different, if he had been asked "will they" instead of "can they", he would have said "no", because the Cubs have not at any point in this season resembled a champion in anything.

This is all I have ever said on here the past two months, that the Cubs I have been watching day in and day out lack fundamentals, can't hit worth a damn, the manager has been sitting on his hands, and appearing confused, and the GM keeps making excuses while picking up the dregs of the rest of the league.  Most, if not nearly all of you, have taken offense to me saying the same thing Matt is, which has disappointed me greatly. 

I would have expected a bit more respect for a guy who has been watching the Cubs for 40 years now, and at least knows good baseball from bad baseball, and the baseball I have seen so far in 2009 has been bad.  Many of you have leaned on the "early" crutch, as in "it's early, we're only 2.5 games out, we can do it".  And I said, yes, we can, but that doesn't mean we will, because I have seen no evidence that the Cubs possess the character to do so.

But, at least, most of you were decent enough to not make this a personal issue.  While I shake my head sadly for all of you who come out here for another glass of Kool Aid, at least if you came here and said "I'm sick of hearing Rob complain, he bums me out," well, that's a valid opinion, and I have no right to tell you what to feel.  Point taken.

But then there's others who have suggested that I kill myself.

Look, you miserable drops of monkeyjizz...it really isn't fair, first of all, to come after me like that.  My hands are tied.  We made a pact here on GROTA, some time ago, that we would not make personal attacks in public.  Yes, last week, it got pretty damn personal around here, with some of us in one corner, and some in the other corner, but at least we were decent enough to e-mail each other to express our anger.  We didn't fight it out here.  We understand that there are real boundaries in the world.  There is the world out here that you all see, there is the next lower level - e-mails, which is somewhat private, and at the same time, direct and, not anonymous.  Then there is REAL life, where a man stands before another man, and names will never hurt me, but sticks and stones and fists and kicks can break my bones.

But,there were no suggestions I take my own life, just suggesting I walk away from blogging on here.  So, e-mail was the appropriate avenue for such things.  It was a way for us to air our grievances, without standing next to one another, where human nature might have caused one or the other of us to do something we might have regretted.  We agreed to disagree, and I believe the worst is behind us.

Funny thing is, though, it all relates to the small minority of you who sit there in your safe anonymity, in your mom's basement or whatever, and suggest I hang myself.  See, once upon a time, I had my own blog, and I made the mistake of expressing a few of my liberal viewpoints, which were followed by two separate, distinct threats on my life!  I felt that the other day we were inadvertently going down a similar path, because God forbid you ever ever refer to race, creed, religion, gender, or orientation on the internets. Fact is, considering some people's recent suggestions, along with encountering some ACTUAL violence last weekend in Chicago -  I've been spooked out lately.  But, I did not do the best job of expressing my concerns, which led to our own little personal apocalypse.

But finally, with all the background out of the way, let's deal with my business now, shall we?  I do not have the ability to fire back at you on a one-to-one basis out here, nor is this the place for it.  This is a Cubs blog, and here we will talk about the Cubs, and only the Cubs.  At the present moment, they have won three in a row, A-Ram comes back Monday, and Ryan Freel, Neal Cotts, and Aaron Miles are no longer taking up space in our clubhouse.  Frankly, all of that isn't quite enough to change my mind personally, but Cubs stock hasn't been this high in a while, and hopefully July will turn out to be a big month for all of us, and we will cover it ALL in gory and graphic detail, right here on GROTA, with Series Previews, Game Casts, Game Recaps, and our own observations, as well as our continuing Cubs 101 series, brought to you by the fine folks at Coast-to-Coast Tickets.

So if you persist on making suggestions that I do harm to myself, I suggest that you do the manly thing, and e-mail me personally at ribeyerob@yahoo.com.  Because I gotta tell you, I'm NOT going to kill myself.  If you want me dead, you're gonna have to come out and do it for me.  I'll tell you where and when to find me, and I'll be waiting for you, all 6-foot-3 and 300 pounds of me, along with transcripts of the e-mails, and a guy with a videocamera, so he can take all the footage of me beating the living piss out of you and post it on YouTube for the rest of us to laugh at.  Because I'm totally sick of your s**t, and if you keep invading my boundaries, if you're gonna talk the talk, walk the walk. 

GO Cubs!

Valid Vews


You are welcome to your views and have the right to express them. But, I am personally tired of you pissing in my oatmeal eveyday. As a Cub's fan of 40+ years (you are not the only one) I have seen my share of bad baseball/teams. So far this is another year of the same old same old and I can see that without your help. If I wrote off the Cub's everytime they did not play well or have a good team how could I call myself a fan. Yes, I have had to put on the rose colored glasses and put in for an extra order of the Blue Kool-Aid to get by so far this year. Again I ask the question, what is the point in being a fan if you are not willing to do that much. If you are only going to be a fan of good teams then pick one at the start of the season and stick to it. I prefer Kurt's view: Yes they suck, here is what needs to be done so they un-suck and they still have a chance. Call me whatever name you want and call me out if you feel it is necessary. I still believe in the Cub's and until the math says that they can not win I will believe/hope that they do. Call me naive, while I don't believe in Santa Claus, that does not stop me from from spreading the myth for those that do still believe.

Hug & Kisses (I think you need them)

I just think that you need to

I just think that you need to realize one thing, heimiedog:

What you are describing is the equivalent of you bringing your oatmeal to Rob every day to permit him to piss in it.

It's not like the articles on this website end with "surprise! you just read an article written by ROB!" You have the ability and the intellect to know that you don't want to read what Rob has to write, so skip his on the occasion that his name appears on his site.

I like to pick on ACB because they are hostile, but they aren't alone in seeking out the opinions of people they don't like and building content around breaking those opinions down. Every once in a while, that's great. It makes for an entertaining read to see somebody write "argh! How can this idiot THINK that way?" But for that to be their driving force in content gets old. After a while, don't they have the ability to say "You know what, this guy is flat out wrong. I disagree with everything he says and it aggravates me to no end whenever I read his stuff, so I'm going to stop now"? (Instead their preference appears to be "THIS GUY IS WRONG AND HE SHOULD DIE/GO AWAY/ETC!" which is absolutely flurry-of-fists worthy, or at least extremely deserving of our scoff and scorn)

It's like lovers of O'Reilly tuning in to Olberman every night. It doesn't make sense, in fact most of them wouldn't dream of doing it. So why do that here? Skip a post if you don't like the opinions of the writer. It's really amazingly simple. Isn't it?



I read Rob's posts because more often than not he has intersting sats/facts to back up his views. By not reading his posts I would be missing out information that I like to know. More often than not, I do let it go as Rob being Rob and don't feel a need to respond. This is just one of the few times I felt compelled to respond and tell him why his posts bother me.

I disagreed with your orginal post to fire Lou. But, after some give and take you were able to show me enough cases where changing managers did appear to make a difference. So I was able to make a better decision, or form a better opinion, on the subject and better understand why you felt the way you did. If I would have written you off because we did not agree that would have never occured.

I believe, I got the seed of this belief from someone else, for personal growth it is more important to read or hear views that differ from mine than to hear those that mirror mine.

It seems that you are

It seems that you are expressing two different things though. In any open forum, sooner or later we're going to disagree with everybody. Hell, I can't get together with my best friends without an argument breaking out, which is actually something I love. But if I disagree fundamentally with another person, particularly with apparently EVERYTHING that person says, then it helps nobody to expose myself to that opinion on a regular basis.

If, as you say, people have different perspectives and you're open to being brought around -- or you find yourself agreeing sometimes, disagreeing others, etc. -- then you're right, skipping content doesn't make sense. But the characterization you made was that Rob pisses in your cereal every day and you're tired of it.

My response is that you are absolutely within your right to disagree with Rob -- I do it too, often; loudly -- but if you ONLY ever find yourself feeling aggravated by his take on things, then you're only frustrating yourself (pointlessly) by carrying on.

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