Goatriders of the Apocalypse

What I would do at this moment

No preamble, no skewering of Lou Piniella, no moaning about how poor the offense is (and it is) or how much quality pitching we are wasting (a quantity that is greater than zero, but less than some people would have you believe)

I would only make one roster move - put Ramirez on the DL and bring Chad Tracy back up to play third.  I would never, EVER tell Mike Fontenot that he is the starter.  He could be hitting .978 in his role, and the minute you christen him the starter, he's going 0-for-5.  I would start Colvin in RF, and make the Fooker the 4th outfielder, rotating amongst the three positions.  Nady would pinch hit, and like it.  Jeff Baker can stay until Ramirez gets better.

My lineup, based on what we have on hand today:

2B Theriot
SS Castro
CF Byrd
RF Colvin
LF Soriano
3B Tracy
1B Lee
C  Soto

I would line my starters up Lilly-Wells-Z-Dempster-Silva, resisting the temptation to promote Silva.  He's fine where he is, feasting on the other guys' back-of-the-rotations.  Marmol closes, Marshall is my 8th inning guy until further notice.  Gorzellany is my long man.  Grabow and Caridad definitely have to do some minor-league rehab before we re-install them.  Russell is my LOOGY, Stevens and Cashner and (gulp) Howry (who hasn't given up an earned run as a Cub) do the dirty work.

Our best prospects get critical reps, and in the process, we will LOOK a bit more energetic than we have.

At least we won't have to report that the middle of the order is hitting a combined 0-7 every day.

I think Lee will outproduce

I think Lee will outproduce Byrd from June 1 on, and I think Fontenot has earned another go at starting against righties more often.

I also think DLing Aramis for Tracy is a fine idea at this point.


Lee very well might outproduce Byrd, and still suck. Byrd has been reverting back to the norm the past two weeks, and hopefully he levels off now and gets back to the 20/80/.290 guy I thought he would be

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