Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Today's perspective - hopefully, in a few months, it won't matter.

When it became obvious that Head Draft Wizard Tim Wilken picked a guy who wasn't even profiled by any of the draft sources, my first thought was whether this Wilken has gotten so full of himself that he pulled what Bill Simmons calls a "Keith Hernandez" move.

Wilken has had several of his picks succeed, so could it be that he picked Hayden Simpson just because, well, he COULD?  I mean, did he wake up that morning, thinking "gatdammit, if I decide today to draft a quadriplegic with a thrachea tube, then I WILL, because I'm Tim Wilken, dammit"??  I guess I kind of subconscously factored the whole "was he picked because someone else wanted him before our next second round" logic that Sayers40 referred to...but I did not have the ability to organize it in my head.  

All I knew was that it was controversial.

Here's the good news: regardless of whether we could have ended up with another Stud-to-be-named-later at 16 and still received the Great Hayden Simpson in the second round?  In a few months, if he tears up Boise or Peoria, or wherever they send him, we will all forget that we also could have had Jaime Sale or whoever the Sox drafted.  Fact is, if you have merely one of your first two picks succeed in a given year, you are doing well.

If Simpson flops, well, it will most definitely sting, since there were many more highly touted prospects left on the board at the time.  But being highly touted, hell, being called the Best College Hurler in History isn't enough of a guarantee of lasting success.  Right, Mr. Calves? 

But, if he becomes the next Roy Oswalt, or something close to it, nobody will care that he might have lasted until the next round, and if he does succeed, maybe Wilken will pick that Quad with the Trache next year.  THAT'll really rile them up.

I understand where Simpson was picked was, at best, shortsighted and impatient.  Perhaps it was, at worst, hubris run amock.  But in a situation where there is plenty to worry about, let's let that go.  Let's all pull for Hayden to hit it big.  Let's hope for a feel-good.  Better than watching what we have out there right now. 

I have nothing against

I have nothing against Hayden Simpson and I am pulling for him. In fact, I think if the Cubs had tabbed him in the second or third round, I'd consider that an astute pick but you just can't throw away your first round pick like that especially when the future for the Cubs is 2 years away and Simpson is going to be a key part of that future at some point. He has to succeed. The decision by Wilken to take him has to work. If it doesn't, it will affect the Cubs chances to be great at a time when they should be great.

That's a lot of pressure to put on a young man. Cubs are probably going to be picking higher and should have some supplemental picks next year in what has been called a deeper draft. I hope they use their pick better then.

Like I said

What looks like a mistake is very fresh in our minds now. In a few months, God willing, the kid will pitch well and we will have all forgotten what round he was taken in.

Rob it's a good point


It's a good point. I am going to take a closer look at the 2009 and 2008 drafts in the coming weeks using your point and the points of others as reference point.

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