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Many many good things happened yesterday

Kevin and Kurt got this new format off the ground.  The Shout Box, as it stands right now, is kind of like a Mercedes hood ornament on a Ford Escort, but the plan is, when we increase our readership tenfold, the Box will be that place where you Microwave Generation youngsters can get yer immediate gratification.  You have a buddy Cub fan next door, next state, or in Singapore, and yer sitting at work and can't IM to the outside world?  Hey, come on here, and get yer rocks off in the Box.  Heh.

I cannot stress enough how major it is for Kurt to be featured on ESPN's "Outside The Lines".  If you think about it, there's what, seven, eight hundred Cubs blogs out there (or so it seems) and one from ours got singled out for this honor, and I feel perfectly fine with just typing out the word honor without having to quotate it.  For whatever reason, Kurt's feelings struck a genuine chord with Wayne Drehs, and maybe that's what our calling card here has become.  If you are a Kool-Aid drinking, rose-tinted shades wearing, clap-clap-clapping Cubbie fan, then you go to BCB.  If you are neurotic beyond belief about whether Soriano should be batting fifth and whether Theriot's range numbers are on par with the leading NL shortstops, maybe you'd be happier at NSBB.  If you want to laugh out loud, feel free to hit Desipio - hell, I do, early and often.

Perhaps it is true, that even after my cynical bleatings about what else could possibly go wrong, Kurt's baroque photoshops, and Jason's stabs at 1940's style mystery paperback writing, that THIS is the place to put your fingers on the pulse of what Cubs fans are feeling.  At least I'm feeling conceited enough today to make this statement.

Why?  Because I'm feeling pretty gatdam good about things right now.  Harden dealt last night, people.  I have no problem with those of us who have grown totally distrustful of the Cubs' braintrust and training staff, particularly when it comes to pitcher injury news.  Harden said he was ok, and apparently, he is.

Also: Wood held a one-run lead, forcing the Great Pujols (as he is referred to constantly in the "Three Nights In August" book I just finished) to pop out weakly to end affairs.  I want my closer feeling indestructable and bulletproof in the Fall, and last night could be a start, my friends.

And, there's more: they don't have to fly into the path of Hurricane Ike after all.  Damn, that's a bad-ass name for a storm, Ike.  Reminds us all of Ike Turner bitch-slappin' Tina all over the apartment back in the "Proud Mary" days.  Ike was a bad, dirty man, and I have a feeling that Ike is also gonna be a filthy storm with high heat, neck-snapping curves and sliders that make grown men curse they mamas for giving them birth.  I think this is going to make Katrina seem like a spring sprinkle, and I am glad the Cubs don't have to get in the middle of it.  Plus...more rest for Z!  Ain't that a good thing?

The Cubs took a series from the Satanic Fowl, in the 'Loo, on the road, they gained a game on the Brewers, and Ben Sheets is acting like the bitch he is.  Whoever pays the arm & leg for him next year is waaay stupid.  Sheets will be the consolation prize to them that pitch for CC Sabathia, and lose.  Sabathia can carry a team.  Sheets can't carry his own backpack, for fear that he'll strain a muscle in his back or something. 

The Magic Number is now less than the date on the calendar.  If we make the postseason, that will be the first time we made it two years in a row since....YEP.  1908.  Hey, I know I'm waving an unwrapped Twinkie in Karma's face, but man, we're not losing tonight, and we're not losing tomorrow, and let's have a TIGHT weekend!!!  GO CUBS!

I'm new to your guys' blog. I

I'm new to your guys' blog. I saw the story on espn.com and have been a huge Cubs fan since i moved to Chicago early 90's as a young immigrant from Poland. I only lived in Chi-town for 7 years before moving to Rochester, NY since my dad got a job here. I'm 24 years old now. Since i've followed the Cubs via WGN, cyberspace and Extra Innings. It's really hard to find a good blog/site for the Cubs because there is just so many.... but i found this one yesterday, and i really like it, i agree with the views and i like the added humour. Keep it up guys. Look forward to reading and commenting on the Cubs here throughout the playoff run and hopefully a trip into the unthinkable- the world series!

Go Cubs.


Thanks Luke. As a new member

Thanks Luke. As a new member of the blog, you can blog yourself - you aren't limited to responding to our posts. Just click "create content" under your login once you're, well, signed in, and go from there. I look forward to reading your views!


i'm really liking the new site first of all. i'm a long time reader, first time commenter. i just wanted to give a shout out to the link hover comments. very nice.

Damnit, Rob!

You got my hopes up - I went to NSBB in hopes of finding some good old-fashioned Theriot bashing so I could pile on, and nothing. Thanks!

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