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The Pujols Challenge remains open

Just a reminder --

Not too long ago Albert Pujols said he's clean and would get tested every day if that's what it took to prove his innocence.  Obviously, we support daily tests in his case.  After writing a lengthy article in which we accepted his challenge, we contacted several media types who promised to pass the information on to those in St. Louis.  So far it's been a week without response, and so yesterday we sent the following EMail to two St. Louis journalists:

to dgoold@post-dispatch.com,
date Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 3:22 PM
subject We want to test Albert Pujols

My name is Kurtis Evans, I write for a Chicago Cubs blog called Goat Riders of the Apocalypse (www.goatriders.org).  During the All Star break Albert Pujols, stung by allegations that he's cheated to achieve his ridiculous numbers, said he's willing to be tested "every day."

At the time, my website accepted his offer (http://www.goatriders.org/grota-challenges-pujols).  On the off chance that our acceptance never reached your inbox, I would like to make sure it does now.  We are serious about this; if Albert Pujols is willing to take daily drug tests to prove his innoncence, in the name of the game's sanctity we would like to help him. 

Please pass the message onto him on our behalf.

Kurtis Evans

We're still waiting ...

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