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And Montreal is ... uh, overjoyed?

Not too surprisingly, the Hall of Fame has dropped the ball on the hat Andre Dawson will be wearing when he's inducted this summer. 

Although the Hawk spent the majority of his career in Montreal, it isn't really debatable as to what city he had his greatest impact in -- Chicago.  But ignoring all of that, ignoring that Dawson wouldn't have become a Hall of Famer had it not been for his time in a Cubs uniform, the simple facts are these:

The city of Montreal does not care about the Expos.  The former Expos organization -- now the Nationals -- does not care about the guys who played for the Expos.  Andre Dawson wants to be a Cub in the Hall of Fame.  The City of Chicago loves him, honors him, and would probably even obey him if he started throwing out the occasional decree.  The Cubs organization recognizes him as being one of the most identifiable players to wear the Big Red C in the past quarter century or more. 

The Hall of Fame, meanwhile, is supposed to be an organization that does not focus solely on the statistics.  Dawson's hard numbers are evidence that he could be recognized for his service as an Expo, but his character was best displayed in his time with the Cubs, and his impact was most seen during those six seasons in Chicago.  So why would the Hall essentially overlook those facts to honor an organization that doesn't deserve it against the wishes of the player being honored as well as the wishes of just about every person who has a passionate opinion on the subject?

That's a question I'll be asking often for the next little while.  Sadly, an easy answer doesn't appear to be evident.  Oh well.  But hey -- the Expos uniform sure looks cool, eh?


I guess Pedro goes in as an Expo too....

oh hell no

75 million massholes would storm the place and burn it down. NOBODY DENIES THIS!!

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