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Open (and slightly lame) Topic: Who's The Franchise?

No, this is not an article about Mark Prior.

Since we're still waiting under a thick blanket of snow for Spring Training to start, I thought I'd open a topic for some lively discussion and debate: which Cub is the franchise player? 

Is it Carlos Zambrano, an under-30 pitcher with a fat contract and ace-like aspirations?

Could it be Derrek Lee, the most productive Cubs first baseman since Hall of Famer Ernie Banks?

Maybe you think it's Aramis Ramirez, the cock-fighting Dominican Republican, who broke the 30-year Curse of Santo?

Or is it Ryan Theriot, the scrappy, white shortstop who boldly leads off and puts up numbers that makes only his momma proud?

The topic is yours. 

Geo Soto

It can't be Lee or Rammy because those guys are too old and not original Cubs.

It can't be Zambrano because he makes way too much money for his 9 wins. And, it can't be Theriot because he sucks.

Geo Soto had a crappy 2009 but he's young, he's going to be good in 2010, and he'll be the face fo the Cubs for years to come. He is THE FRANCHISE!

Holy crap -- I completely

Holy crap -- I completely agree with this. You took the words right out of my mouth, dood!

No way

Soto might mean more to the Cubs over the long haul, but it'sa big maybe. Zambrano is for better or worse The Franchise. The Cubs have more invested in him, and for longer. If the Cubs are champs anytime in the next half decade, it'll be because of Big Z. If they are a steaming pile of crap, then chances are it's because Zambrano sucked. It's no coincidence that the dissapointing '09 season happened in a year when Carlos Zambrano couldn't put it together. Where Carlos goes, Cub nation follows.


Aramis Ramirez. Z was my favorite Cub for a while, and if there's any Cub I'd pay to see, it would have been Z. But the stupid-crazy acts are now far outweighing the fun-crazy acts, and he's gone from Simon Bolivar to Hugo Chavez in my mind. So screw that guy. With the game on the line I want to see Aramis Ramirez at the plate, and he's playing a position at which the Cubs seem to have no other options. Watching who would replace Ramirez when he went down with injury last year was like walking into an airport bathroom and throwing open the toilet stall. At best you get to see a bunch of turds, at worst a masturbating senator. No matter what, the results are emotionally scarring.

If you are from Spain,

Simon Bolivar might be crazier than Chavez, but that is a great reference and a hilarious comment.

Just a question

Is it too early to anoint Kevin Millar with the title?

The Franchise

The Franchise *was* Mark Derosa. Now? I don't have a clue. The one thing I've heard out of camp so far that I like is that Cubs newbie pitcher Jeff Gray specifically requested #34, Kerry Wood's old number, and says he hopes to live up to it. At least he's got some moxie. Hopefully he has some pitches as well.

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