Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Tell us a bit about yourselves

I won't go too deep into the details, but we're planning something for GROTA that probably won't affect you in the slightest, but might be totally kick-ass for those of us who slave-labor over the blog on a daily basis.

However, part of what we're looking to do requires help from you guys, so I have a huge, HUYUUUUGE favor to ask.  In the comments section, could you tell us a little bit about yourselves?  Specifically, I'd love it if you could answer the following questions for me...

1. Where do you live?
2. How long have you been a Cubs fan?
3. If you live outside of the city, how often do you go to Chicago?
4. How many games do you get to see a year? 
5. What kind of Cubs swag do you own - jerseys, other items, etc?
6. How much time do you spend in Wrigleyville each year?
7. Do you play sports on your own?

Basically we want to get to know you guys a bit better.  Any help you can give will be very tremendously appreciated.


Heh.  I always wanted to say that.

And to answer me own questions...

1. I live in Toronto, ON
2. I've been a Cubs fan for more than 20 years
3. I try to make it into Chicago once a year
4. If I make it in, I tend to see 2 games while there
5. I'm a failure in this regard ... I've got some signed baseballs, an Ernie Banks signed poster, a bunch of the McFarlane models, many Cub books, a Wrigley Field model, and about 8 or 9 jerseys. I think that when Wayne Drehs came to interview me, he was disappointed the most by the lack of Cubs swag I had.
6. If I'm in Chicago for 3 days, I'll go all 3 days even if I only am there to see 1 or 2 games.
7. Not so much anymore. I enjoy playing pick up basketball but I'm so out of practice that I've lost my touch when it comes to shooting the ball.

1. Louisville Ky. 2. Since

1. Louisville Ky.
2. Since I started paying attention to baseball, about 10 years ago.
3. Not enough, I am a poor college student, so maybe once every 2 or 3 years.
4. I usually can make it to 1 or 2, mostly in Cincinnati
5. I am known for my Cubs Jacket that is older than I am, 3 Cubs jerseys (one of them from 1984, If anyone knows who was #15 then, please let me know) and a Cubs hoody.
6. Almost none, 7 hours is a long drive.
7. I play Ultimate Frisbee, Softball and Racquetball. Mostly Ultimate.


In 1984, good ole #15 belonged to Ron Hassey. A back up C and 1B. Accordaing to baseball almanac, he played in 10 games. How you got that jersey is beyond me. Did you get it at Shell with a tank of gas or something? If I were you, I would say it was from 1985. Davey Lopes wore it that year when the Cubs picked him out of the end of career scrap pile.

that may have been it. ill

that may have been it. ill have to check.

here you go...

1. Ft. Lauderdale, FL
2. Since age 6 - 1982
3. Chicago - 3 - 4 times / year
4. 7 - 10 games / year, mostly at Wrigley
5. All kinds of swag
6. Any time I'm in Chi I'm there
7. Golf, softball, ice hockey

...and I'm a Maple Leaf fan - last Cup 1967. Nuff said.

My name is John, I'm a Pisces, I like long walks on the beach...

1. Chicago
2. An admittedly short 4 years (since I moved here and started caring about baseball)
3. N/A
4. Live: around 10 (I live 1/2 a block from Wrigley, so up that a bit for every time I walk the dog). TV: maybe around 60 or so. Radio: as many of the rest as possible, as I rock the AM band at work during day games.
5. Many jerseys, hats, player tees. Bought my wife one of the lame gnomes. I hate gnomes.
6. 100%. Mullen's is underrated for food. I go every Saturday in the off-season for the Jerk Chicken Wrap special.
7. Yes, but I'm terrible. Beach volleyball is what the summer was made for.

The Uncouth Sloth

1> Corn Hole, IL, about 2 hours west of Big City
2> Since 1969
3> I go to Big City about once a month, on average. Worked in the city for four years; in the suburbs for another 10+
4> The last few years, I've been averaging only 2-3 a year. At one point in my life, more like 10-12
5> http://www.flickr.com/photos/27998625@N06/
6> I generally don't go to Wrigleyville except to go to Cubs games. An exception is next weekend, when I am picking up my latest purchase.
7> At my advanced age, "sports" more or less means bowling and golf, or any other physical activity you can do with a beer.

1. Grand Rapids, MI 2. I have

1. Grand Rapids, MI
2. I have been a Cubs fan since the early 90s. I was your typical "run home after school to see Harry sing and the Cubs find a way to lose" kid.
3. We've gone to Chicago approximately 7-8 times this year.
4. I've averaged 4 games a year over the past 3 years.
5. I have a Corey Paterson jersey (yeah, I know) and a couple of hats. Weak, huh?
6. Before and after the games I make it to, that's about it.
7. I played ultimate frisbee in college and made the transition to disc golf this past year.

The Truth Comes Out

1. Boston, MA, by way of Palm Coast, FL and Chicago, IL
2. About 10 years - got drawn in by the home run race.
3. It'll probably work out to something like 2-3 times a year; I went to UChicago for four years before moving to Boston this past July so I don't yet have a routine.
4. At the Wrigs, I'd say 2 or 3 a year. That number has been surprisingly consistent for the past few years actually.
5. Jersey-tee of the great Carlos Zambrano, a dorky hat, and get this--a Cubs road jersey with autographs of the great Rich Hill, Jeremy Papelbon, and everyone's favorite, Dustin Sasser. My family's from the Daytona Beach area so they went to a Daytona Cubs game and got me all hooked up.
6. Just a couple hours surrounding the games I attend--always go to the Salt N Pepper Diner, though. Cheap beers and great food.
7. Not a chance. I am particularly unathletic. The only thing I'll do is wiffleball.

Lowered Expectations

1. Southwestern Illinois (about 20 minutes east of St. Louis)
2. Since I was a wee lad around 7-8 years old (1981-82 or so)
3. Unfortunately, I haven't made it to Chicago for a few years.
4. Not nearly enough...try to get to Cubs/Cards games at Busch.
5. Mostly t-shirts and hats. A Mark Grace autographed baseball. I got Ernie Banks's autograph on my cheapy plastic baseball mitt when I was too little to know who Ernie Banks was and, therefore, destroyed that mitt much to my dismay now.
6. Zero...but I do love me some Home Run Inn pizza.
7. Summer and Fall softball leagues.

1. Louisville KY 2. 25

1. Louisville KY
2. 25 years
3. 10 times a year. Roughly.
4. Went to over 25 games last year.
5. Assortment of about 5 shirts, and about 5 hats.
6. Very little. I go to a couple games every year at Wrigley, but don't hang out much in fear of catching the gay.
7. Does lawn darts count?

since you axed

1. Seattle, WA
2. a little over 20 years
3. 2-3 times a year
4. 1-2 a year (usually cheap seats at safeco, haven't been to a cubs game since 2005)
5. hat, tshirt
6. none
7. bike (more mountain than road), run, ski

1. Chicago, IL 2. 6

1. Chicago, IL
2. 6 years
4. I think I went to about 6 or 7 last year
5. Jersey, two shirts, two caps, a sticker on my mug I use at work
6. I avoid it at all costs unless I'm going for a game - it's a terrible place
7. Beer-league softball, trying to pick up hockey

Sin City

1) Vegas Baby Vegas. Lived in Chicago until early 2006 when I moved out west.
2) Since 1957
3) Go back once a year to visit family
4) About 3 games a year when I lived there
5) A couple of old T shirts that are a little tight now and about 10 caps, no playoff ones though, surprised huh?
6) Only a couple of hours after the game at the Sports Corner.
7) Only golf now, I'm 59 for goodness sake. Played college ball at OK State class of '72, hardball 'till I was 35 and coached HS baseball at Marian Catholic from '89 thru '94. Played basketball in a church league and pickup games into my early 50's, resulting in my knees being shot now, go figure.

Here I go

1. Madison, WI for the past several years. Originally from the DC area.
2. 20 years or so (I have pictures of myself as Ryne Sandberg for Halloween a long time ago), though I didn't become a serious fan until 2000-ish, when I discovered fantasy baseball and became a less casual fan. Last year my focus on the Cubs finally squeezed out the time I used to spend on FLB
3. I go to chicago once or twice a year.
4. Usually only one game. The past few years I've been more likely to go to Cubs games at Miller Park, since it's cheaper and easier to get to for me. (i.e. I can go to night games there).
5. I have a few t-shirt jerseys, a windbreaker, a Cubs Win poster, and a really grungy cubs hat that I've worn regularly for the past 7-8 years. My wife keeps trying to make me replace it. My dogs also often sport Cubs bandanas.
6. Maybe an hour or so, tops. We usually hit up the Cubs stores and grab something quick to eat, but I go to Wrigley so rarely that I like to wander around in the stadium.
7. I play pick-up softball with some of my co-workers, but that's about all I have time for

Know me and love me

1. Lake Zurich, IL
2. 10 years
3. Roughly once a month
4. Only 1-5 games a year
5. '87 Dawson All-Star jersey, many t-shirts and caps
6. Not much, only for the games and an occasional visit to friends in the area
7. Basketball rec league and neighborhood football games in the fall

Mitchell, SD 1984 1-2 time

Mitchell, SD
1-2 time per year
Beanies, caps, jersey, t-shirts and a Cubs flag right under my US Flag!
2-4 days
golf, hunting, some ice hockey (Go Hawks!)

Sandberg is my hero. Bought "This Old Cub" this summer (the night of the Cub trouncing of the Brewers where Soto had 2, 3 run dongs). Now my 10 year old is a true believer. Go Cubs! Love your blog.....read it daily.

1) Chicago 2) My whole life

1) Chicago
2) My whole life but my earliest Cubs memory was 28 years ago.
3) N/A
4) 35
5) I buy a new hat on opening day every year. Otherwise, nothing except for maybe a floppy hat or two that I've gotten at games over the years.
6) Outside of the game days, very little time.
7) I am a competitive golfer and a very bad triathlete.

Is it meme time?

1. Northwest 'burbs of Chicago
2. Seriously, as in going to games and making a pointed effort to watch on tv? Eightish years.
3. Weekly
4. This past year I went to ten I think.
5. Two jerseys (DeRosa, Harden), too many t-shirts to count, numerous magazines, autographed photos from signing events, a baseball autographed by a couple players, sub to Vineline, a few baseball cards...
6. About the same as question 4 - maybe a little more given that I watched a few away games down at the Irish Oak.
7. Used to, but guess what - I tried curling last weekend in Northbrook. Yes, CURLING. It was actually pretty fun.

1. Bethesda MD 2. Since

1. Bethesda MD

2. Since 1969. (Sad...)

3. 1-2 times a year

4. A dozen or so Nationals games, and the Cub games when they play here, and maybe an Orioles game or two.. I try to get in a Cub game when in Chicago

5. A 1972 team photo. A World Champions 1908 shirt. Couple of other T-shirts.

6. I try to visit it when I'm in the city. Great neighborhood.

7. Running, tennis, biking, skiing, social drinking. I also coach my son's 6th grade baseball team for a real workout..

The 411

1. South Bend, IN (Home of the Notre Dame..Marching Band!!)
2. Started paying attention in 1978 because I really liked Bill Buckner and Bobby Murcer. I thought I was going to be the next Rick Reuschel, not as a pitcher though.
I was a chubby kid..
3. Try to go once a month in the warmer months and have to go around the Holidays to see the lights and stuff(makes the wife happy).
4. I usually go to 1 or 2 games a year. My best friend lives in Cincy and we'll go see them play the Reds.
5. Not much swag. Caps, tshirts. I have a ball from 1984 "signed" by all the players in honor of their Division title. My Dad picked it up at a Phillips 66 while getting smokes for my Mom. I've had it for 24 years and I think it's worth that much in pennies. I have a framed photo of Wrigley Field from 1917. That is pretty cool.
6. Only hang out in Wrigleyville on game day.
7. Excercise regularly(to avoid my inner Rick Reuschel). Play on a summer softball team, golf and Cornhole baby. You can do that with beer , Rob. Actually, I think it's in the rules.

1. I live in Pittsburgh

2. I've been a Cubs fan since I was 5 (the Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire summer of 1998)
3. As much as I beg, I never get to go to Wrigley; I have to wait until the Cubs play the Pirates.
4. I see about 60 on WGN, plenty against the Pirates.
5. I own jerseys (Soriano, Rich Hill, Banks, Sutter, DLee, Billy Williams), two authentic caps, an Aramis T-Shirt, and that's about it.
6. None unfortunately
7. Yes baseball and basketball

KC Sports Suck Right Now.

1. Kansas City Missouri
2. Around 1988-1995, 1998-present. The strike ruined the sport for me for awhile.
3. About two or three times a year.
4. I try and make it once a year.
5. Jerseys, posters, shirts, beer glasses, hats, etc.
6. My cousin lives dowtown about 8 blocks from Wrigley so I usually get down there to have a beer with her whenever I am in Chicago.
7. Basketball and Football in high school. Now that Im old, two-hand touch with the guys in the fall, and softball league in the summer.

Here's a new one

I live in Minneapolis now, but I'm from Rogers Park
I've been a Cubs fan since the early nineties (around 6 or 7 years old
I'm in Chicago frequently as the parents still live there
I make it to 3 or 4 games at Wrigley a year
Jerseys, shirts, pennants, hats, newspaper clippings, lots of scorecards, a Soriano celebriduck (which is as stupid as it sounds.)
I play softball (the 12 inch variety) and basketball when I get to the gym. Hope that helps, guys! Enjoy reading you and am already getting antsy for spring training.


1. Chicago
2. 8 years
3. I live here.
4. 10-12. All the weekday games against the pirates and rockies and such. You know, games you don't have to sell a kidney to get in to.
5. Kerry Wood jersey. Sad A bunch of Christmas ornaments. Some homemade blankets and a nerdy mouse pad.
6. I live down the street, so I'm there most days.
7. I play baseball and skateboard, both poorly.

Good evening gentlemen.

1. Chicago.
2. My entire life.
3. n/a, sucker.
4. A good amount. My dad and two of my older brothers pitch in for season tickets, so I generally go whenever I can (which, I'll admit, is often).
5. Two jerseys - a Maddux home and a Harden road. A buttload of caps, all New Era - home, away, WBV, 1948 throwback, and a black and white one. I'm an avid hat wearer, so I've also got hats from various AL teams (but no NL!). I've also got many shirts - Soriano, Fukudome, and (groan) Pierre player shirts, a Soto pinstripe v-neck player shirt, a light blue 60's bear logo shirt, and a couple others.
6. You could argue I spend most of my life there, as I live just a bit south of Belmont.
7. Not within any sort of organization, but I'm pretty awesome at ultimate frisbee.

about me

1. Where do you live? Normal, IL
2. How long have you been a Cubs fan? Since I can remember, probably 5 years old, so 25 years.
3. If you live outside of the city, how often do you go to Chicago? Not often.
4. How many games do you get to see a year? 2-3
5. What kind of Cubs swag do you own - jerseys, other items, etc? I own a Lee and Ramierez jersey and a hat
6. How much time do you spend in Wrigleyville each year? little to no time.
7. Do you play sports on your own? Church league basketball.

How did I get here?

1) La Grange, Il
2) Born in 1955, lived at Broadway & Irving, assume my blood turned blue as a 7 year old, that makes it 46 years.
3) I live in the suburbs, probably get to the city a couple times a month.
4) I go to 5-10 games a year, watch 80% on TV
5) Hats, Bobbleheads, T Shirts, Signed Ron Santo balls, hat, posters and 2 watercolor paintings of Wrigley Field
6) Same as above, 5-10 TIMES A Year
7) Golf

Getting to know all about me......

1. LaGrange, Ky (Between Louisville and Cincy)
2. 15 years now following an Old Style soaked weekend in Wrigleyville.
3. We try to make it once a year....I have brainwashed the little missus and all 3 kids.
4. Two to three in person and any WGN or ESPN broadcast. Also Fox Sports Ohio with the hated Thom Brennaman when we battle the Reds.
5. Tons of hats and tees, 3 Jerseys, jackets, helmets, Mcfarlane figures, bobbleheads, baseball cards, ertl models, autographed balls from Gracie, Ryno, and Santo. Tons of books, several pictures and posters, and a jar of dirt from the Wrigley infield.
6. We always hit it when we make Chicago. We have memorized the CTA routes.
7. Golf and run.

This is me

1. Chicago, Il
2. since puberty, which makes it about 17 years. Not sure what happened then, but something clicked. I guess Cubs and girls go together
3. Not applicable, it seems.
4. 3-6 live, but now that I'm not poor, I hope many. many more. 95% of night and weekend games on TV and follow workday games on my phone.
5. I own a couple hats and a few t-shirts. I'm not much of one for swag. I'd love a jersey at some point.
6. Um...every day? Given that I go out or eat delivery every day, I spend a hefty portion of my paycheck around the Wrigley area. At this point, I should be a part own of Sheffields.
7. I'm a heck of a bowler, does that count? I've done softball and kickball, but that's about it over the last few years, other than a few marathons (which isn't a sport).

A Goat Census...

1. Evanston

2. Since '67 (born in '63)

3. In Chicago on a regular basis with work.

4. 4 - 6

5. Couple tshirts, cap, throwback jacket, Marla Collins' Playboy issue - ha!

6. Lived there 1995-2000 (next to Schoolyard Tavern)...get down there a few times a year

7. Softball, golf, bourbon sipping, cigar smoking

1. Milwaukee 2. I've go my

1. Milwaukee
2. I've go my Die Hard Cub Fan Club certificate dated 1982 stuffed away somewhere.
3. Enough
4. Rarely at Wrigley, pretty regularly in Milwaukee. Was lucky enough to catch Zambrano's no hitter for my son's 1st ever baseball game. Sadly, the importance of the game was lost on a 3 year old.
5. I grew up in Des Moines and my older brother knew a couple of bat boys for the I-Cubs so we ended up with a lot of cool stuff that's in my son's bedroom nowadays. The autographed Grace, Sandberg, Dunston and.... Palmeiro bats are probably the biggest prizes of the collection.
6. 0 min
7. Eh... regular stuff.

About another Cubs fan

1. I live on the southwest side of Chicago in the heart of Sox country. Bleh.
2. Ever since I was 13 years old so I've been a fan for 20 years.
3. DNA
4. I try to see at least 5 games. In 2007 I went to 8 games. In 2008 I went to 15 regular season games and the 1st playoff game. That was painful.
5. I've got an autographed Mark Grace baseball and rookie baseball card. I have Cubs t-shirts, a Theriot jersey, a Prior jersey (in which I removed the name along with the number), a plain jersey--all are white with blue pinstripes. I have a small flag that goes in the window, a larger pennant that we hang up during the summer, a Cubs Rubix cube (that's right--it was a Christmas gift), Cubs beach towels, a miniature bat, a mini teddy bear, 2 Cubs build-a-bears, etc, etc, etc. I have a lot of stuff. And so do my husband and 2 daugthers.
6. I only spend time in Wrigleyville when I go to games. I hardly stay go to bars before or after the games. Gotta get home to the kids.
7. I am a pseudo-athlete and I think I can call myself a jogger. I'm the catcher on a softball team and I play roller hockey in the tennis courts at my local park.

1. Where: Valparaiso, IN 2.

1. Where: Valparaiso, IN
2. How long been cub fan: Just turned 24 and can't remember a time I wasn't a Cub fan, but only been "seriously" following for a few years.
3. How often to Chicago: I'm less then 30 miles outside the city but I don't go into it very often. A few times in the summer and for family stuff around Christmas.
4. Games/year: I've only been to 1 game ever. I'm legally blind. Why pay to go to the park and listen to the radio?
5. Swag: Lots of t-shirts, but I don't go for jerseys.
6. Wrigleyvillle? Um... none. I don't drink and crowds make me nervous. Sticking out tongue
7. Sports: I swam competitively for 19 years until my shoulder kinda fell off. Now I do agility with my golden retriever. Smiling

In response to #4

Why pay to go to the park and listen to the radio?

Two words: Frostee malt!!!

Thanks to everybody

I just want to thank you guys for telling us more about you. I appreciate it more than you know, and I think it is both awesome and amazing that so many of our readers are "abroad." I think that even the Cubs underestimate their impact on sports fans around the country, but I bet you there are far more Cub fans living outside of the state of Illinois than who live in it.

The Superstation


You should never underestimate the reach of WGN in the early days of cable as one of the three big superstations. It's the first place I saw Grace, Ryno, Dunston, and Dawson at his best. I admit I fell hard for Darryl Strawberry first on WOR. But there was always baseball on WGN, and of course, Harry. I travel to quite a few away games, and believe me we are everywhere.....even in Miami. Which by the way ranks as one of the crappiest places to see a game on the face of the earth. It was loaded with Cubs fans though. We are everywhere.


1. Texarkana, AR
2. Since 1988 - I was 10 and we got cable that summer - Harry Carey was just too entertaining and I fell in baseball love with the shawn-o-meter, andre dawson, mark grace, maddux, and sandberg (among others, of course)
3. I've not yet made it to Chicago
4. I try to see a couple in person (major league) but I've got two young children and North Little Rock has a new stadium for our AA Texas League team - we made trips there this past summer
5. hats, baseball cards from my yough
6. n/a
7. I played in a softball league last summer, coached my sons soccer team (season just finished) and love pick-up games of basketball

1. Chicago 2. 7 years 3.

1. Chicago
2. 7 years
3. NA
4. ~12 @ Wrigley, ~100 on TV
5. Ballcaps, a couple of t-shirts
6. A lot, either watching games or college football
7. Yes

1. Salem, IL 2. 26 years 3.

1. Salem, IL
2. 26 years
3. 15-20 times a year
4. 10-12 in Chicago, 6-8 in other cities
5. Go to the convention every year, too much to list. Autograph balls, 7 Jerseys, 30 t-shirts, 20 or so hats
6. 5 to game weekends. Used to live there, so about 4-5 other weekends visiting.
7. Rec. basketball, golf and any fantasy sport available.


1. San Diego
2. 61 years
3. 2-3 times a year
4. 5-10
5. Hats, jackets, books, DVD's, flag etc
6. Not much
7. Swimming, scuba diving


1. Champaign, IL
2. 16 years
3. Family lives there, so maybe 25 times a year.
4. Usually less than 5
5. Shirts, Jerseys, a couple of hats.
6. Maybe 10 days a year.
7. Yea, Ultimate Frisbee at University of Illinois with Goatrider Kyle. Yeaa

1. Chicago (Lincoln

1. Chicago (Lincoln Square)
2. 1992 after my first trip to Wrigley, about 1 year before I moved here.
3. ----
4. 15-20 a year
5. One nameless/numberless authentic road jersey, several hats, old stadium photos, a few autographs etc.
6. I used to live on the 500 block of Addison, but now, I'd say I make about 5 trips to the old 'hood outside of game days.
7. Not in about 5 years; used to play golf, softball and volleyball

1. Austin, Texas 2. Been a

1. Austin, Texas

2. Been a fan for 32 years

3. Go back home at least once a year, never in the Winter

4. Usually get to see two or three in person, catch most on mlb.tv

5. Jerseys, caps, knit-cap for Winter, shirts; my fav is my Harry Caray

6. These days we stay downtown and are in the old neighborhood for the good part of game days

7. In a wood bat league here, play B-Ball and Golf also

Denton, Texas

1. Denton, Texas
2. 20 years
3. I try for at least once a summer
4. Two - Maybe more when they play the Texas Rangers in interleague
5. Hats, jerseys, etc...
6. Whenever I'm in Chicago for a game
7. Softball, Tennis, and Kickball


1. Where do you live? St. Louis
2. How long have you been a Cubs fan? Since 1987
3. If you live outside of the city, how often do you go to Chicago? 2 to 4 times a year
4. How many games do you get to see a year? 4-6
5. What kind of Cubs swag do you own - jerseys, other items, etc? two hats. Ron Santo shirt.
6. How much time do you spend in Wrigleyville each year? a couple of days
7. Do you play sports on your own? Hurling, Gaelic Football, basketball

Taylorville IL

1 taylorville il
2 since 1983 (jooodee joodee joodee smack its outta here)
3 1 or 2 times a year
4 2-4 games live and as many as I can on tv
5 autographed sandberg jerzee midwest league autographed ball several hats shirts hundreds of cards (over 400 different sandberg cards) and a autographed ernie banks photo that he misspelled my name (lol) and a photo of me and sandberg at chiefs ball park (if you get a chance to go do it and get there early and bring no more than 2 items 2 be autographed and get there when they open the gates and wait by the dugout he will sign before the game only and is very cool)
6 just passing threw to get to wrigley
7 softball & target shooting

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