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Ted Lilly, Team USA's secret weapon

While I was thinking about addressing an article in The Bright One concerning Big Z being a White Sox supporter, I decided that brand of divisive "journalism" doesn't deserve any play on this site.

Instead, I thought this snippet from a SI article about the WBC was worth mentioning. Apparently, Team USA manager Davey Johnson was thinking about putting Ted Lilly into leftfield in the team's most recent game against the Netherlands. (Haven't the Dutch already done enough damage to the Cubs?)

Let's ignore the potential for injury and outrage at this thought and instead think about the consequences had Lilly actually made his way into the outfield for a half inning. Zambrano might have actually exploded and beaten Lilly/Uncle Lou/Davey Johnson into a pile of bloody goo.

Last season, Zambrano was lobbying for playing time as a position player by roaming the outfield during batting practice. He even threw the balls back to the infield using his left hand as not to hurt his pitching shoulder. Of course Lou shot down the idea and we all had a good laugh about it.

But imagine if Lilly returned from the WBC and walked up to Zambrano with a cocky smirk on his face and whispered softly in Big Z's ear "Totally worth it." Holy crap, that would be amazing.

Anyway, no news here. I just thought it was funny.

WBC = Pitchers playing the outfield...What a great idea, right?

This story is SCREEEEAMING...

...for a Kurt Evans Photoshop

Future Photoshop

I want to see one with Big Z using a gigantic mallet to smack the heads of various midgets on the team as their heads pop up out of different holes, similar to a kids' game. Big Z hammering Fontenot, Miles, Theriot, and Reed Johnson could be a pretty sweet interactive game...... Just another ridiculous thought from me for you to play with.

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