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Dr. Joe Morgan, off the record, but on the air

For some crazy reason, I'm watching the Braves and Angels on Sunday Night Baseball rather than game 5 of the NBA finals. It's a good thing because I would have missed Jon Miller calling Joe Morgan, Dr. Morgan, two dozen times. (Morgan received an honorary doctorate this weekend from one of the Cal-State branches for funding a bunch of scholarships.) Oh, and there was this exchange.

Jon Miller: Just a bit high!.. Did you see that little essay by Buster Olney on ESPN.com [Link may require ESPN Insider Access] a few days ago, Joe, about Vlad and how some are wondering if his struggles so far this year are an indication that maybe he's starting to lose it? That ball is smoked foul deep down the left field line.

Joe Morgan: Well that's why I asked Mike Scioscia, you know kinda off the record, you know, what was going on? And that's when he explained to me that you know Vlad had gone through these types of stretches before and it had nothing to do in his opinion with age or the fact that he might be finished. It was just, you know, he's gone through stretches like this before. But he always ends up with those big numbers, you know.

Yes, I know this is needlessly piling on Joe Morgan, but he doesn't like Ryno, so I'll pile on needlessly and not feel too guilty about it.

So what was it, Joe? Was the conversation on the record or off the record? Did you try to ask Scioscia off the record and he refused to go off the record with you? Did he tell you one thing off the record, and another for attribution? Isn't the idea of an 'off the record' conversation that you won't repeat it on national TV? So either you just shattered your journalistic credibility, or you just lied to a national TV audience... which I guess would also shred you credibility.

Also, kudos to Jon Miller for promoting synergy among the various Disney brands. I'm sure the higher ups are happy with your plug for the website. (I would be too, but I chose to buy a few Proctor & Gamble shares instead, so could you mention how great Tide is for cleaning baseball uniforms?) I think I'll switch over the the NBA finals now. (Angels win 2-0. Does K-Rod really have 28 saves? Wow!)

Cubs Win Flag

Cubs 7, Blue Jays 4

I didn't really see the game, but Ted Lilly went 6 innings, allowing only 1 hit and no runs. Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez drove in 5 of the Cubs seven runs... and you can read the boxscore as well as I.

In other news, The Chicago Fire lost to FC Dallas 1-0. The U.S. Mens National team beat Barbados 8-0, Tiger Woods tied for the U.S. Open title and will play in a playoff tomorrow... and Turkey came back to tie the Czech Republic 2-2.

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