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The Schlillter Splitter is No More

Well, I really thought this post would be in Rob's wheelhouse, because a guy with a questionable name was claimed off waivers from the New York Yankees.

I noted a while ago that Kerry Wood put the Cubs 40-man roster at 41, when he signed. It turned out that Kerry actually wasn't added to the roster until last week. That, probably, gave the Cubs time to work out a trade for one of their players, but the other clubs were biting. So, the Yankees put in a waiver claim for the aforementioned Schlitter and brought the 40-man back to 40-men, so to speak.

On other Cub news, Matt Garza was coming, but then he wasn't according to Sun-Times and ESPN sources. I just don't see it happening. The Cubs probably want to trade Vitters, because they realize he's not as good as once suspected. The problem is the Rays have a pretty good one manning the hot corner.

Hopefully, we here at GROTA will start ramping up the content as we inch closer to the season.

More A-Rod, All the Time

Rob wrote in a recent comment, "I do admit that I really shouldn't speak for Jason, Kurt, Byron, et al. But honestly, if they don't think the same way I do about this, then probably I shouldn't be on the same website."

This was going to initially be a response in the comments part of the site, but it grew into a post.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that we don't belong on the same website, but we obviously have different sensibilities in some regards.

When I look at A-Rod I see a highly productive player who commands a large salary and belongs in the Hall of Fame someday.  Players with his offensive capabilities are extremely rare.  I don't think he's worth his contract, though.

When it comes to "winning," this is when we get into heavily philosophical shit.  Do certain players "know how to win?"  Are certain players "detrimental toward winning?"  Does A-Rod fall into the latter category if he doesn't make the former one?

I think the whole concept is just a tid bit overrated.  In 1999, a common comment you might hear was that Kevin Tapani "knew how to win" because he won 19 in '98, despite a very mediocre ERA.  I remember people arguing that he knew how to just get enough out of his stuff to win games.  Then he went on to get his ass kicked in pretty much every start of the '99 and 2000 seasons.  Does that mean he somehow FORGOT?

If A-Rod is NOT a team leader and somehow contributes NEGATIVELY to their chances of victory, then the Yankees still have a NUMBER of guys who "know how to win" like Jeter.  If they have a player like Jeter, what does it matter what A-Rod does so long as he hits the damned ball?

I think A-Rod's only on-field crimes have stemmed from his poor post-season production as of the past few years.  In some degree it's his fault, especially if the whole thing has gotten into his head.  But playoff production is very flukish - players like Aramis Ramirez can bat 0-for-October just a few years after setting the all-time team record for career post season homeruns.  So which one is the real Aramis?  The guy who hit clutch homeruns in 2003 or the guy who swung from his ass in '07 and '08?

Ultimately I have to conclude that the only guys who are "detrimental toward winning" are the Neifis of the world who steal at bats from players more likely to produce better numbers.  I wouldn't want A-Rod on my team because he's an asset-vacuum (for 25 million a year the Cubs could be a well-rounded team, OR they could have an extremely productive shortstop.  I pick the former). 

I don't think it matters if A-Rod "knows how to win" or is a "team player" or any of that B.S. - because he definitely knows how to HIT.  The problem with the Yankees in the past four or five seasons stems from them being built like the statue from Daniel 2 - and a Bible reference might be a GROTA first - built with a head of gold, chest and arms of fine silver, a belly of brass, legs of iron, and feet of clay.  It's not A-Rod's fault, it's Cashman's. 

I Just Been Thinkin'...

So ever since the three games of agony lost to the Dodgers I been thinking about what the Cubs could do to improve upon this already spectacular season (I use spectacular lightly after those three games)  My brains been a turnin' and from what I understand the Cubs need a big, let me rephraise that, BIG left handed bat, preferably in the form of a right fielder in order to move Fukudome to center.  Well, why not Adam Dunn?  STOP!!!  Dont crucify me just yet.  I know the man playes Defense like a Brazilian Street Ho but i think it would work.  Not Dunn in right field but at 1B.  STOP AGAIN!!!  We already have a first baseman in the form of good ol' DP-Lee.  And From what the Grape Vine has told me (we're pretty good friends, me and the grape vine) he's being shopped this year.

Now I know we've looked at a lot of west coast teams like the Angels and Giants but we haven't looked at one team that I find desperate for a first baseman:  The Yankees.  Now i hate the Yankees as much as the next bitter old Cubs Fan but I think it could work.  But what could we get from the Yankees?  Answer:  nothing.  But we could get something from the Twins.  The Twins are reportadly shopping Delmon Young, who I believe is a pretty could athlete and fielder and could easily handle the trechorous Wrigley right field.

If this were to take place (and remember, this rumor only exists in my own twisted mind) i would see a three way trade.  The core of this would be DP-Lee to the Yankees, Robinson Cano to the Twins, Delmon Young to the Cubs.  Now obviously there would have to be more involved. Maybe a Pie to the Yankees, a low level prospect to the Twins and $300 and a warm bucket of spit to the Cubs.  That leaves 1B open and the Cubs could make a move for Dunn (or in my twisted mind, Tex).  Just the thought of Dunn playing 81 games in the Frendly Confines makes me a little light headed.

I really believe this could work for all teams.  The Cubs need an adiquet fielding RF and a big lefty bat (Dunn or Tex.  *drool drool drool*) the Yankees need a 1B and all the cash possible to throw at CC and other starting pitchers and the Twins have a logjam in the OF and need some serious infield help.  Obviously there would need to be more pieces to the puzzle but i think it would work.

just imagine...

R  SS The Riot

L  CF Fukudome

R  3B Ramirez

L  1B Dunn

R  LF Soriano

R  RF Young

R  C Soto

R  2B DeRosa


Note: Fukudome still draws walks like a beast, why not put him in the 2 hole in front of all that power.

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