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Shutterbug frenzy - more photos of the big day!

So I'm talking to Kurt earlier about how cool D.B.'s photos were and he goes and posts them all to the front page. Well, I could just sit there and say "yeah, they were cool photos, it doesn't matter he stole the idea from me" but I'm not like that. Oh no! Lucky for me I get a hot tip for something I can slap Kurt in the face with, for I don't have to scour the reader blogs, I get the stuff emailed to me directly! Yep, thanks to Steve McCoy I get to post never before seen on GROTA photos and look way cooler (well, less dorky) than Kurt. Haha!


Oh, and Steve also notes this was his kids' first ever Cubs game! I think that's called "doing it with style".

Outfielders rush in

I'm not going to flood the page (although the occassion possibly merits it) but go take a look at the whole set. Full credit to Scott (and D.B.) for helping us get a little closer to this one.

A first-hand view of the No Hitter

Goat Reader D.B. has posted over on her GROTA blog a link to her flickr account. She took the liberty of capturing the event with her camera, proving forever that she was on hand to see it. (%$##@ lucky!)

Posted below are some highlights, but check out her flickr for the full monty.

Sausage House
Photo courtesy of D.B.

The Field before the game
Photo courtesy of D.B.

The Big Moose
Photo courtesy of D.B.

Carlos locked in
Photo courtesy of D.B.

Mob scene
Photo courtesy of D.B.

Mob Scene 2
Photo courtesy of D.B.

Again, thanks to DB for the fantastic pictures. I, uh, didn't exactly ask for permission, per se, to post the pics here, but if you want to see the full set, just check out the post on the Readers Blog by DB.

Pictures from Holy Shit Carlos Zambrano's no hitter

Available here! Please excuse the damn netting which fouled up almost every shot!


Where were you on September 14, 2008?

I remember.

The skies had been opened wide for 3 days straight, the rain pouring onto the ground. The earth swelled and the water rose above, puddles becoming ponds and ponds becoming lakes. The air shifted colder and colder, a sense of forboding permeating the day. People are suffering throughout the South as the flooding brought back unsettling thoughts of destruction and loss. Nothing was right in the world.

Until Carlos Zambrano took the mound, prepared to show Houston a REAL hurricane.

Like a gunslinger or a gladiator returning from oblivion, Zambrano took the mound and the fate of his squad in his right hand. Geovany Soto nodded his head and extended his fingers and the game was under way.

As if on queue, the rain stopped and moved to the East. As if knowing what was happening, the air warmed a bit and the clouds separated. Something was Brewing.

6th inning, seventh. Eighth inning, 9th.

Over three decades of waiting and there it was. Before our very eyes, another record was achieved and the first no-hitter since Milt Pappas was in the record books.

It was a symphony. It was a masterpiece.

I will remember where I was, my sons sleeping in the other rooms, too young to know what this meant.

I will remember hitting record on my DVR, knowing that this was something to cherish and keep forever.

I will remember forgetting all the wrongs and ills in the world, if only for just a couple moments, as My Team mobbed Our Ace.

I will remember my friend texting me to tell me that this was his greatest day as a Cubs fan. I could sense the tears welling in his eyes that he could not have watched it with his father who taught him to be a Cubs fan.

I will remember that this was something that I will tell my kids about when they are older.

This was the moment the 2008 Cubs ceased to be a team rather than The Team.

I will always remember September 14, 2008.

I would have been fine with a "Quality Start"....

...I figured Senor Holy Shit Carlos Zambrano was good for about 100 pitches, and then Lou would come take him out. What IF he tried to take him out at that point, which would have been with 2 outs, facing Erstad? Z would have stripped Lou's flesh from his bones with his talons, sucked his marrow out, and wore Lou's skin as a frilly frock on his next trip back to Venezuela. So good times, all around?

Heh. My ass. Today I'm gonna write about God, and Mother Nature, and what the hell did I ever do to any of you to deserve what just went down? (In all honesty, it would have been exceedingly hard for me to attend a Sunday night baseball game in Milwaukee, drive home, then get up at 5 bells to come here today, but...) if it weren't for a lousy 14 dollar "check valve" that my contractor DIDN'T put in my house, my basement would have been dry, I would have been in BeerCity yesterday, and at least the opportunity would've been there for me and Wendy to buy tickets to see the FIRST CUBS NO-HITTER since Christ was a kid.

Dovetailing from my post on Friday, More Good Things happened besides history - the inflamed rotator cuff of our most intimidating pitcher seems to be fine. Our entire ballclub, which as recently as Wednesday morning seemed in freefall, now enjoys a 7-game lead for Home Field Advantage in the NL. When you consider Senor Holy Shit, Harden and Dempster, we have to be the prohibitive Short Series favorites. Throw our #4, Ted "the Cannibal" Lilly into the mix, we are the Long Series favorites, too. Who else has this? Now all Uncle Lou has to do is sit back and be judicious on how often he pitches his starters, uses his pen, and plays his hitters, strike that balance between work and rest, maybe give Dempster a few days of rest, maybe let Marmol try his hand at closing a game or two, and oh yeah, maybe pack Howry on the next scheduled trip to the Space Station. Not to mention that the no-no knocked the Sux (who were sweeping the Tigers) off tWWL's telecast last night! Take a suck of THAT, Ozzie Tourette!

Firstguessing, not secondguessing: I am not applying for my Nostradamus Psychic Friends membership card here, or anything, because over the past 36 years there have been scores of times I thought the time was ripe for a Cubs no-no. But it was clear to me from the first that Houston got pooched up the butt by Bud Lite, and it was obvious to me, to my wife, and anyone else watching this deal that the Asstrolls did NOT want to be there. They arrived in Milwaukee at 2:30 in the afternoon...checked into their hotel, the SAME hotel their opponent was occupying (?!?)...then went directly to the park and, as the "home team", checked into the Visitor's clubhouse. I assume that they had first choice as to what clubhouse they wanted to occupy, and I imagine the Visitor's accomodations at a Miller Park aren't as bad as, say, Beautiful Wrigley Field, but when you understand that major league ballplayers are not all Rhodes Scholars and are notorious creatures of habit, it really is not that surprising that they went out there and played like turds that fell out of a tall cow's butt.

I mean, I love Senor Holy Shit as much as the next man, and he is a very good pitcher, but last night he looked like Nolan Ryan and Mad Dog Maddux rolled up in one. He ain't THAT good, he kept bouncing 50-foot sliders up to the plate. I loved his post-game interview, when he said he kept seeing the scoreboard registering 98, 99 MPH for his pitches, which pumped him up more. Uh, Senor? That particular feature of Miller Park is notoriously inaccurate, you didn't just wake up feeling like the 1998 Kerry Wood. Like I said, I'm sure Senor Holy Shit didn't score a 35 on his ACT's.

The Cubs fan part of me has never felt such dominance. This team looks unstoppable in 7-game series. But just like most of the rest of the free world (and I would post the links as proof, but there's no need, just go to ANY sports-related site) deep down, I feel the Asstrolls are more the victims in this deal than the Cubs are conquerors. I understand the logistics of it all - it's raining seemingly everywhere, the Trop dome is not open today, the Hump dome was not open yesterday (Vikings). So the Beer dome was the only option, when you consider that the douchetube that runs the Asstrolls waited until late Saturday night to concede that it would be impossible to play ball in Houston. He was a greedy bastard, and his players paid for his avarice.

Eh, I just re-read my last sentence, so. Hey, Houston? How DO you like deez nutts? You suck, you're uniforms are ugly, there's gonna be another 25,000 Cubs fans in there again today. Why don't you just take another 10 whiffs and get the hell back home?

I would have been happy with a solid, quality outing. But we got extra gravy, more rolls, and they forgot to charge us for our drinks. BONG! I stole this pic from Desipio, but too damn bad, we all should share more. Love IS in the air...Z and Lou get their luv on


Carlos Zambrano with the no hitter!

First no-hitter since Milt Pappas!

Milwaukee loses and it's a 7 game lead!

Now *that's* a pitcher I want in the playoffs.

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