Goatriders of the Apocalypse


Just a very quick bit of news...

The Cubs have signed Japanese outfielder So Taguchi to a minor league deal that would pay 900k should he make the roster.  They have been looking to give Fukudome some Asian Companionship, and rather than go the bathhouse route, it looks like Taguchi is their man.

Actually, this is a great example of the way Jim Hendry hoards positions.  It's like he has an on-switch that he sometimes forgets to turn off ... this winter, it was "get an outfielder" and now that he's added Gathright, Taguchi, and Bradley to a mix already including Soriano, Johnson, Fukudome, and Pie, he can redouble his focus on "get a second baseman," "get a relief pitcher," and "get a starting pitcher."

I don't have much of an opinion on Taguchi.  He's a two-time champion who had a bad year.  I don't know how he'll contribute to The Objective, but as far as 5th outfielders go, there are probably worse ones out there.

Oh, and my latest photoshop for y'all ... another propaganda poster.  I need two things from everybody ...

1. Better slogan?
2. T-shirt/button/magnet worthy?


Goat Curse Revolution


I don't know about the slogan, but the rest of the photoshop is amazing. Other than the Che Zambrano, easily in your top 3.

I actually agree

on the slogan. Not sure I want to feed into the whole Goat Curse thing in a way that isn't clearly ironic. Just simply "This is the year of the revolution" would likely work pretty well.

Just a thought. Looks fantastic, though.

Yeah, I don't know about taguchi. We have 5 outfielders in Soriano, Reed, Fukudome, Bradley, and Gathright. Are we really going with 6 outfielders? Actually, that might make sense as that means more rest for Bradley. Hmm...maybe.

I've redone it a couple of

I've redone it a couple of times since the original posting ... the current slogan is



Ernie would be proud.

can we

can we get Che Zambrano on a shirt? if so it would probably be my most prized possession.


that poster is pretty sweet. propoganda posters are always interesting.

I used to have Che on a

I used to have Che on a shirt ... maybe we'll put it back up for sale again in March.


Che and Scarlos are my two favorite photo shops by far. Both of those should be options. I would be forced to buy one of each. i couldnt live with myself if i didnt.

Che Zambrano

Last year one of you guys kinda slipped him a poster (I think) at the Cubs Convention. Are any of you going this year to try and pass out your goods? Spread the word? Viva la revolution!!!

That was a couple of years

That was a couple of years ago.... he liked it so much he took it home to Venezuela with him and one of his agents contacted us. This year, GROTA will not be at the Convention, though, unless one of our writers has gotten tickets without telling me.

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