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GameCast: Cubs vs. White Sox

GameCasting the Apocalypse
Welcome to the experimental first GameCast of the 2009 season.  We're going to do this a little differently once the season actually begins, as I will likely shut off the Shout Box in order to make the comments part of this article the place to talk about the game.

In the meantime, knock yourself out either here or over in the Shout Box.  I'll be watching snippets of the game on WGN, but unlike the BlogCasts of the '08 playoffs I won't be updating constantly on account of how I wanted to hang myself when it was over.

Go Cubs!

And naturally I stepped on

And naturally I stepped on Kyle's post, like the jerk I am.

Sorry Kyle!

I thought there'd be a Live

I thought there'd be a Live Chat. But this should work too.

We've changed the comments

We've changed the comments script so that it doesn't get teeny tiny so easily, but no Live Chat.

In a "behind the curtains" moment, I like Live Chat and appreciate that Colin runs them, but in terms of blog content Kev is not a big fan because it's basically taking GROTA content off-site.

In theory - dunno if this will happen or not - we still might change the shoutbox to be more chatroomish at some point in the future so you don't have to hit refresh to see what everybody else is saying.

Yeah, the constant

Yeah, the constant refreshing is really all I'd like to avoid.

Kosuke Fukudome

Fukudome is 0-0 with 4 walks in the WBC so far. Good sign for him -- his problems started last year when he lost the strike zone and lost his patience. If he's not swinging at bad pitches, that means when he does swing, it'll be a good pitch -- and hopefully one he can hit well.

(I only saw one or two of the four walks before I fell asleep. Oh well.)


april rotation:


In biting irony, I've got

In biting irony, I've got the tv on and the Cubs game playing, and I've seen exactly 30 seconds of the game so far. now I have to run to the store to pick up some dinner supplies. Go figure!


Biting irony ... dinner supplies. What can I say?



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