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Some rumors just won't stay dead

Although Jim Hendry left the GM meetings without Peavy, there are still rumors that the deal might still happen ... thus prompting this photoshop:


Peavy to Chicago

Of course, I should have added a Cubs cap to his head.

As this off season progresses, despite the two years of winning we've seen from the Cubs, I get more and more of a feeling that Hendry will go to Arizona in March as a sad participant.  He's not going to get anybody he wanted.  No Peavy, no Marquis deal, and no Milton Bradley.

Why "no Miltion Bradley", you ask?  As much as the Cubs may be targeting him, I can't help but wonder if he's heard the rumors we've heard - Cub fans are racists, underperforming black outfielders get called very nasty names at Wrigley, etc. - and if he has, then why would he sign with Chicago?  And even if he does sign with the Cubs, how long before he tries to climb the bleacher walls to fight somebody?

Lastly, Kerry Wood signed a 2 year deal with the Indians today that will pay him at least 20 million.  Not bad for Woody.  I remain sad to have seen him go, but I'm wondering when Cleveland comes to Toronto next summer.  Maybe I'll try to see him pitch.

I think the only remaining

I think the only remaining suitors for Bradley and Abreu are the Cubs and Rays. They get one, we'll get the other. Mets, maybe?

It's hard to imagine

Bradley not hitting but could be like many that find it tough sleding in those early, cold spring months. But I think the fans care more about a prolific hitter than a slick fielder and if Bradley stumbles at all it may be a result of an injury. Remember, the Cubs still have plenty of built up angst for Fukudome and I think Bradley or any newly acquired outfielder will benefit as a result.

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