Goatriders of the Apocalypse

A rumor spends all day slaving over a hot stove for a man, the least he can do is the dishes.

Brace yourself for another shocking installment of the rumor mill!

Robothal has the stunning news:

The Cubs have emerged as a front-runner in the Peavy sweepstakes, perhaps even ahead of the Braves, according to major-league sources.

The club also is willing to give Dempster a four-year contract, sources say, a decision that should put them in good position to retain the free-agent right-hander.

Even though the Cubs are for sale, team officials apparently believe that they can absorb the four years and $63 million remaining on Peavy's contract while committing at least $50 million to Dempster over the same term.

The Cubs would have to look to cut payroll in other areas, perhaps passing on Wood and going to a cheaper right field solution. The Padres are reportedly looking for two major leaguers plus prospects, with a focus on pitching.

Victor Wang and Peter Bendix both look at potential Peavy trades, and come up with some words of caution.

From Demp's agent:

"I spoke to the Cubs here," Landis said. "They’re aware that, as of now, there’s very little possibility he’s going to sign soon with the Cubs. That’s what we’re planning as of now."

All that says (to me) is that Dempster plans on testing the waters.

Oh lordy lordy lordy

Dempster AND Peavy?

If that happened, I would be nigh near insufferable.

Colin, if this one is right, copies of SPSS for everyone!!!

Peavy's splits Home vs

Away are pretty ugly and Wrigley Field ain't no Petco Park.

Remember that pitchers...

...typically pitch better at home than on the road, once you control for their home park. That's, after all, why there is a home field advantage. So I think he'd do better post-Petco than his home-road splits would have you believe.

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