Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Permit me to further refine and distill my stance on Milton Bradley

I suppose there exists an argument that Milton Bradley may not be hurting the Cubs with his petulant attitude.  I imagine you can consider yourself justified by floating the hypothesis "Just because Bradley is a turd does not mean he affects the play of (Player x)".  Personally, I think you are WRONG to think that way.

But, as commenters like Irish Yeti pointed out yesterday, many of us are related to or married to or work with negative people, and we go about our business without having it (appear to) affect us.  Well, I can go on and on about how we as humans do not and never can exist in a perfect scientific vacuum.  In fact, someday I think I will.  (Not here; thank God, but somewhere, I will). I bet it does affect you, and you don't know it.

But as sure as I think I am about my stance, I am also just as sure that there is no way I am every going to talk you off our yours.  So we agree to disagree on my diagnosis of "M. Bradley - Clubhouse Cancer". 

But there is one thing I do know, and this is a thing that none of you can dispute, deny, or argue.

I don't like him, and I don't want him on my team.  His .400 OBP may intrigue someone somewhere, and hopefully so.  Trade his dumb ass!  His stats are hollow, as hollow as his racism arguments.  I don't need to hear one of the players on MY team ranting about racism.  Maybe it exists - in fact, I know it does.  After all, I was the guy who came out here after the 2007 NLDS and relayed all the racist crap I heard people hurl at Jacque Jones.  It exists.

I still don't want to hear about it from Milton freakin Bradley, who has as much credibility as Paris Hilton.  He ain't gonna shut his mouth, he ain't ever shut it before, and he never will.  He IS the Human Red Flag.  He hasn't had anywhere near enough offensive impact in 2009 to utter a peep.  Geo Soto, as much of a disappointment as he's been this year - have you heard complaint one from him?  Or Alfonso Soriano?  Or Kevin Gregg? Or Aaron Miles or Mike Fontenot or Carlos Marmol?  I'm sure ALL of these guys have been booed, because I've done it myself!

Go away, go far away, leave us and never look back, trouble maker.  I'm sick of your crap.  Take it like a man, a man who makes an eight-figure salary.  You feel racially threatened?  Boo huckin' Foo!!  Tell your story walkin'......

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