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Shut her down

For all of our bluster and bluff, for all of the criticisms we levy at the team, and the times we say proclaim the team "done for," I have always had a simple system for giving up on a season: 10 games under .500, or 10 games out of first place.

The Cubs pretty much managed to accomplish both of those things on the same day, as they are now 32-42, 9.5 games behind the Reds.

In the process, Carlos Zambrano has imploded -- again -- and we have learned that a team can have a good manager and can rid themselves of the most toxic players and they can still implode and look miserable. 

The fallout of this is that Carlos Zambrano is probably in his final days as a Cub, as is Derrek Lee, Jim Hendry, and Lou Piniella.  And if I have to be honest about it, I don't see that as a bad thing at all.

I'm just tired of these guys.  I'm tired of the disappointment, the failure, the under-performance, the ridiculous antics, the heartbreak, and the losses.  I'm tired of Carlos -- and, believe me, I've been his biggest fan and supporter.  I mean, I'm the creator of the Scarlos photoshop, for Cripe's sake!  I've got a Zambran-0-Meter which is fueled by firebeams shot from his eyes.  But if Zambrano never again pitches a game for the Cubs, I won't be upset.  Enough is enough, and he's lost me.

At this point, I want to see the team deconstructed.  I want to see anybody in a managerial position -- from Jim to Larry and Alan to Lou -- fired.  I want the Cubs to eat the contracts on Fukudome, Soriano, Zambrano, and even Ramirez.  I want next year's team to be the youngest in the league.  What I don't want is another group of tired old veterans and all the baggage they bring with them.

But in the meantime ... it's over.  We hope you'll stick around, though, as we write about the Cubs and their need to pick up the pieces.

Sorry Kurt

but while agree with you about the Cubs chances this year (under 5%) there is next to no chance you're going to see players like Aramis, Soriano, et al... released and quite frankly, I wouldn't mind that if it meant the Cubs winning but it doesn't and the replacements would likely be worse or not much better than the guys we have now.

I still think it's possible that the Cubs will do little to nothing at the trading deadline but in reality, all this really means is that Lilly is almost sure to be traded and Hendry and Lou are almost sure to not be back next year.

I know this sounds like a broken record but the Cubs are in the downside of the cycle. This was obvious even before the season. I didn't think they'd be this bad this year (and as I keep saying, they aren't THIS bad anyway), but I always knew it wasn't until they ridded themselves of about five contracts and re armed that they would actually start winning again.

I know it's tough for those that are waiting but the Cubs have a decent minor league system once again and they are about to be flush in money. That tells me that the 2012-2017 is likely to be the best we've ever seen from the Cubs. It's tough waiting for that time to arrive but with the right leadership, it can happen. Be patient. I am hopeful the Cubs themselves will be.

Here's the problem, Sayers.

Here's the problem, Sayers. You're assuming that this organization does things right to reload for another chomp at the apple in the middle of this decade. I have zero faith that they are capable of doing that. What have the Cubs done to make you believe that they won't fuck this up?

here are simple facts

1) common sense says Z is untradeable right now, but baseball sense does not always equal common sense
2) Soriano is going nowhere
3) Ramirez has a player option next year - and if he picks it up, he is legally in the right, but morally in the wrong
4) Lilly is as good as gone. Hendry will hold out to the bitter end for the highest bid
5) Lee has about as much chance of being a Cub next year as I do.
6) the next Cub after Lilly with return value that the team is willing to part with is Theriot. Do you want to trade Theriot? What do we have behind him in the minors at 2nd base? What is available this winter in free agency? To my knowledge, both answers are "nothing"

shuter down

I would rather watch a Class A nobody kid fumble about than watch DLee Rmairiz et al sleepwalk thru the rest of the season.
During the strike, I had prepaid to visit spring training. Watching hte kids that had ZERO chance of being big leagers play was refreshing, because they PLAYED the game HARD.
Z was wrong as to how he expressed this but correct in his view. The team SUCKS right now and it starts from the top.
Fire them all! Eat the contracts. I will come out and see the kids play!

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