Goatriders of the Apocalypse

I'll take "Long-running Internet Memes that I'm just becoming aware of" for 600, Alex

It appears that ARam's walkoff walk is the first walkoff walk of the 2010 season!  This season saw its first no-hitter before its first walkoff walk...and yes I did know that there was a site devoted to the glory of the walkoff walk.

What I did not know about was the shrimp. Seems I am, as usually, really behind the curve about the shrimp. 

Not anymore.  I am still crying, thanks to ARam, Brian Burnley or whatever his name is, and Walkoff Walk.  God is good, some people are really funny, and it isn't just us who has a shitty bullpen.  Today is starting off to be another fine day. 

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