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Series Preview: Cubs vs. White Sox

Cubs vs. White Sox
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And welcome to a preview of a preview.  This is the basic format we'll be using during the 2009 season when writing about the upcoming match ups of the Chicago Cubs.  By my count there will be 52 of these over the course of the 2009 season - with an additional 3 possibilities once we get into October.  With that said, let's take a look at tonight's match up:

Cubs vs. White Sox 9:05 Central
Last Regular Season Match Up: Sox 5, Cubs 1
The Last Cubs-Sox Series Preview: June 27-June 29, 2008

Wednesday, March 4th:
Typically I'd outline the likely lineups and pitching match ups, but I've got nothin'.  It's amazing that even in today's world of amazing, modern technology, there's still very little information out there for Spring Training Games.  But Cubs fans, do not fret!  This game is actually going to be on TV -- which is bizarre because it's going to be played so late in the day.

The first time the Cubs met up with the White Sox this Spring, it was less a beating and more of a mugging for the Sox.  The Cubs won 13-0 primarily on the bats of three guys who almost certainly won't make the team - Bobby Scales, Koyie Hill, and Brad Snyder.  Maybe this time they'll do it with the guys who'll actually be playing on the team in April.

Thursday, March 5th:
More of the same.  The Cubs will play the Sox in another televised Spring Game that is more reasonably scheduled for 3:05 Central.  Again, I honestly can't begin to predict who'll be playing for the Cubs in this game, except that I'm sure plenty of (hopefully) part-timers and scrubs will get their time to shine. 

Oh, but that reminds me - tomorrow during the day we'll have a GameCast going on in which we open a topic so that those of us with enough time can hit up the blog and talk Cubs baseball.  We did something similar last October when the Cubs were battling it out with the Dodgers, but this time I won't be covering the game in real-time.  Be here.

Content (behind the curtain) tidbits:

Blogging is generally a glorified journal-writing experience, which means that people tend to write what they want when they want with no obligation to write anything else.  For the last couple of years we've been working on solidifying a way to provide daily, regular content, and the Series Previews (which we started to do back in '07, and regularly in '08) is just one example of that. 

This year, with the Series Previews, GameCasts, Game Recaps, and so-on, there will likely be minimally two-to-three new articles on the site every single day during the course of the season.  And while we will be presenting the facts (as we see them), it will remain our mission to actually be fun and have fun while doing it.  So don't expect this blog to change, we're just working to ensure that we're even more consistent in what we do.

Oh, and there will still be silly, obnoxious, and often nonsensical WTF?!-evoking photoshops, too. 

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