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Ryne Sandberg: Not now, not next year, not ever

Or: Ryne--NO!
For those of you who missed it, Goat Reader Brandon posted recently about his desire for Ryne Sandberg to replace Lou Piniella in the Cubs dugout. 

He wrote, "The organization gave him a chance to prove that he was serious about
the whole managing thing back in 2007, and now he's in Iowa. He's going
to get a shot with a major league team, and soon."

Ehh.  I beg to differ. 

It's actually pretty interesting to read the various comments across the internets about Sandberg.  Fans seem to feel, generally, that he's "earned it," because he's been managing in the minor leagues for four seasons.  This comes despite the fact that his career minor league record is 253-258, despite the fact that no outstanding players have been developed under his guidance (sorry, Starlin Castro, but so far you kinda suck), and -- particularly -- despite the fact that probably 99% of all Cub fans have NO IDEA as to what Ryne Sandberg's managerial philosophy is, except for, "Get ejected, a lot."

Here's my advice to you, the Ryne Sandberg Supporter: go read his autobiography.  Read it with an open mind.  Pay attention to the excerpts where he laments Larry Himes getting rid of his guys, the elderly Andre Dawson and the infirmed Rick Sutcliffe.  Consider how Sandberg's philosophy, as expressed in that book, sounds amazingly similar to the one espoused by Dusty Baker while he was in Chicago, and get back to me about how much you want him to be the next manager.

"But, Kurt," you'll say, "that was written 15 years ago!  He could've changed!"  Good point.  He could've changed.  But the point is, you don't know.  None of us do.

What we do know, however, is that the Chicago Cubs are one of the premier baseball organizations.  They are perhaps third to only the Yankees and Red Sox in terms of yearly income and fan following.  The Chicago Cubs do not deserve an untested manager who may or may not be a white version of Dusty Baker.  No thanks.

Instead, I submit to you that the Chicago Cubs should pursue a proven, premier manager with a long-established track record of success.  They should pick a guy who has a very vocal understanding of sabermetrics, who will not put the longest-tenured veteran ahead of the most talented player, and who has a well-established history of successful strategy during a game. 

And, hell, they can make Sandberg his bench coach.  But any Cub fan who backs Ryno sight-unseen is doing so for one clear reason: because his name is Ryne Sandberg, and he's one of the greatest second basemen in the history of the sport.

That's great, but that's not reason enough to be manager of the Cubs.  Nor is being a Hall of Famer who's happened to manage in the minor leagues for four seasons.  That doesn't fit my definition of "earning it;" the Cubs can -- and should -- do better.

If we're gonna hire a Hall of

If we're gonna hire a Hall of Fame second baseman to manage the Cubs, at least let it be Joe Morgan.

NO, not Joe Morgan

Well, after years of reading these blogs, I finally got a name and password.
As a Cubfan of 58+ years, I had to react to the thought of Joe Morgan in Cubbie blue.
It makes me want to hurl and spew an Old Style and Frostee malt combo all over my Andre's Army tee shirt!

I'd love Girardi...but Say "NO" to Joe if it's Joe Morgan!

Sorry AJWalsh....but hey, I'd sooner have...well, even Ozzie Guillen managing the Cubs instead of Joe Morgan....

Hey, thanks for signing

Hey, thanks for signing up!

The good news is, AJ was definitely being sarcastic! Welcome aboard, RevHoagy.

It would be funny in a sick way

Having Joe Morgan as the manager of the Cubs. Everyone one of his press conferences will have him quip about how his home run totals would have been higher if he played at Wrigley and that he is better than Ryne Sandberg.

Funnier still -- Morgan as

Funnier still -- Morgan as manager, Sandberg as bench coach.

For the record, Kurt's right,

For the record, Kurt's right, I was totally kidding. =) But glad to have you aboard, Rev!! Thanks for signing up.

Agree with everything except

Agree with everything except the Starlin Castro sucks thing. Batting .288 as a 20 year old rookie? Sure he doesn't walk much, but he's 20.

And his defense is decent, and will only get better. Sure, he's been error prone, but he's 20.

He's been worth 1.2 WAR so far this year, and he's 20.

He may not be a star, but he hasn't sucked in any way.

And, I may have mentioned, he's 20.

my only issue with Castro

is his errors. He has 14 of them already. He had two yesterday. He isn't fielding like someone who was managed by an all time great fielding second baseman.

A Mully and Hanley caller

Suggested maybe Cito Gaston should be the next Cubs manager.

I don't agree, Kurt. The next

I don't agree, Kurt. The next manager should not be a big name 'win now' guy, because this team is not built to win now. A proven track record would be great, but I want someone with a proven track record of getting the most out of young, learning players. We need a guy who will help Castro, Cashner, Colvin, and the current top minor leaguers reach their ceilings, rather than sit on the minimums their physical gifts will support. Lou Piniella isn't that guy. I doubt Ryne Sandberg is that guy either, since as you pointed out, his track record for player development is not spectacular. I do not think it's Joe Girardi either. Someone who is going to mold these young prospects into future major league stars.

And how, exactly, has Ryne

And how, exactly, has Ryne Sandberg proven any kind of track record as you describe? By holding a job for four years?

The Cubs are absolutely, always, built to "win now." They do not have the farm system to initiate a rebuilding process -- whoever comes in to GM the Cubs next will do so with a win-now mentality, and whoever manages will carry the burden that comes with World Championship expectations.

Ryne Sandberg's not that guy. Let him be the bench coach. He doesn't have the philosophy nor the track record to land a first-time managing gig with an organization as big as the Cubs.

The model Tom Ricketts wants to follow

Tom Ricketts has come out and said the model he wants to follow is the Red Sox model. That means bringing in high priced free agents and developing high caliber prospects to be used as trading chips or for being brought up. I am not sure how Ryno at the Major League level would have that work. While Francona sucked as a manager in Philly, he at least had major league experiance.

Read my post again. I do NOT

Read my post again. I do NOT want Sandberg installed as the next manager.

Is it

someone like Cito Gaston?

I don't know much about

I don't know much about Gaston, Faustus. Enlighten us. Why is he the guy?

Lead Toronto to World Series twice`

He was the manager who led Toronto the World Series twice. The Blue Jays did a great job when he returned in mid season 2008. Plus, this is his last year in Toronto.

Another name

Another name I heard: Fredi Gonzalez.

Yeah, I'm a dumbass. This is

Yeah, I'm a dumbass. This is what happens when I blog/debate baseball from work -- I read 4 sentences out of 6 and miss the one where you clearly state your agreement. Forgive me, Eddie!


It is 95% it will be Ryno...What do you want another experienced manager like Lou or Dusty, both of them should have been fired 1/2 through there last seasons...But No we can not fire them we have to respect them. A Manager biggest job is to teach and motivate, you dont think Ryno would be better at that than brain dead LOU.
Plus do the math...Ryno 3 years $4mill, Giardi 4 years $ 24 mill Ricketts wants the cheaper younger manager

Please Lord not Sandberg!!!

I completely agree with Kurt when it comes to hiring Ryno as the new Cubs manager. This would be a very Cubby thing to do. Obviously what the Cubs have been doing over the last century+ has not been working. Here are my choices in order...........Girardi, LaRussa, Girardi, LaRussa, Girardi, LaRussa, Torre.

In regards to Castro sucking I do disagree. A 20 yr. old competing for the batting title is not to shabby, obviously he needs to cut down on the errors.

Eff the Goat, Black Cat, The Bartman Play (not Bartman's fault 99% of ALL fans would have done the same thing, the other 1% would be talking on their cell phone waving at the camera)

That's all....I'm Out.............Along with D.Lee, Piniella, Fontenot, 1/2 of the Roof Tops, Theriot, The Tribune, Lilly, Howry and...................Jim Hendry?????

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