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You! You! You! and YOU! Shut the HELL UP!

People, THAT was one helluva great time!!

First of all, shout to my guy Big Snoop Drew (aka Summerguy811), not to be confused with Big Daddy Drew, our homeboy from Black Lung who came with us to Miller Park.  Huge Cub fan and frequent Goat Reader, and someone who actually talks about the Cubs more than I do. I didn't think it possible.

Anyhoo, I'd say the fan mix last night was about 50/50, with a lot of the good 'season ticket' seats sold to big shooters from Illinois like me!  We sat about 15 rows off of the grass, close enough to deal with all the cheezeheads yell "Coooorreeeey" every half inning after he finished playing catch for a lousy ball.  My lovely wife, who enjoys people watching more than anything, was real impressed by Beer Field - clean restrooms, wide walkways, a nice roof to keep the cold out.  She was also impressed by the incredible drunkedness of the folks who'd been tailgating for three hours before entering.  There was Ass Crack Girl and her friend, who were actually Cub fans from Indiana - I figure they must have been strippers for Deja Vu in Michigan City.  Anyway, she kept dropping her cell phone in her beer, and kept getting up to blow-dry it in the washroom.  Every time she got up, I would hold my fingers up like a calipers to measure her 'butt crack cleavage', and hold it up for my section to see.  The biggest gap was around 3.25 inches.  That actually drew polite applause.  She was, of course, oblivious.  Can't beat fun at the old ball park.

Anyway, Z must not have had anything last night but his fastball, but reminiscent of his whole career, he battled hard and gutted out six, which was one key of the game. Many of us thought he was only good for five, or even four, but taking that extra inning made things that much easier for Uncle Lou, who, lets face it, is absolutely CLUELESS about his bullpen.  I don't think Neal Cotts is long for this world, as Lou went down in the tunnel to "have a word" with him after his hit batter.  (But, Lou, Cotts ain't no LOOGY - every single one of us knows that).  I think we have all figured out that the pen, and Lou's ability to manage it, is going to be THE issue for 2009.  Heilman's a keeper. (Suck IT, Mets fans).  Gregg will be alright, at some point.  Cotts is only good for mop-ups.  We still need a LOOGY, and if Lou doesn't feel like he can count on Patton, Vizcaino, or Guzman, well, dammit, we need three more guys he CAN count on. 

Anyway, the highlight of the night, of course, was the chance for me to tell the knuckle-dragging auto mechanics who were shooting off their big stupid mouths all night to SHUT THE F UP after Soriano's JACK in the ninth.  Hey, it's their house, we were invading, and they have the right to heckle, even if it was not the least bit funny or clever.  So for 8 innings, we took it like men, mainly because of the scoreboard - can't argue with the scoreboard.  Ahh, but once we took the lead, I stood up and shut their ass up.  (And I didn't hear another peep).

I must issue this plea - Lou, GET LEE OUT OF THE THREE HOLE!  It isn't like this is a new trend - the man batted there all year last year, on the so-called best offense in the NL, and he only got 90 RBI!  He hasn't been a 3-hole hitter since 2005.  Ramirez deserves the shot, and wouldn't you all rather see Ramirez get those extra 20 ABs this year than Lee?  I KNOW I would.  Today. I want to see Ramirez bat third, Hoffpauir bat fourth, Fontenot fifth and White Slice sixth in RF.  Wouldn't think Lee would need a rest at this point, or Bradley, but they're killing us at the moment.  Let them have a day to gain some perspective from the cold hard bench. 

I'm still holding true to what I said yesterday - I'm not going to panic after one week - but there does seem to be a couple of major issues to be concerned about.  Fortunately, it appears, at least with the bullpen, that the Cubs realize it as well.

Yo, Rob. Press shift when

Yo, Rob.

Press shift when you hit enter. That will give you the ability to make paragraphs again.

I would go and do it for you but I'd rather you do it because I might get your intended paras wrong.

Also: sounds like a fun

Also: sounds like a fun time

Beer Park

Would have been REALLY nice to be there and see Fonzies JACK of the year (so far.....almost as big as the one at MM Park). Can't wait to see the Cubbies win yet another series today. Too bad I have to listen to Jon Miller and Joe Morgan (uhg).

Don't bench Lee

Yes he's struggling, and no he isn't a 3 hitter, but this is a better team with Lee and Bradley in the lineup. If they are healthy and not exhausted, they should be playing. It's waaaay too early to be calling Hoff the starter.

Benching Lee

I don't think he means to bench DLee all together, but maybe to say "Listen, your numbers suck. Why not take a backseat until you figure something out."

I dunno, correct me if I am wrong, but I think moving Lee down in the line-up and giving Ramirez the chance for #3. I dunno, I just like the Cubs, and DLee. We need his glove in games that is for sure. CUBBIES!


It would have been a perfect opportunity to get Hofpauir in there tonight. Certainly you don't want to bench Lee on Opening Day, so it would have been nice to give him a rest.

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