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My Least Favorite Cubs #5 - Moises Alou

Could you have looked like more of a pussy in Game 6?Let's see now, there were so many other and better outfielders we could have gotten to play LF in 2002.  Moises Alou was one of Hendry's first free agent signings.

So, in his first year at Wrigley, Alou substantially underperformed compared to his previous seasons and to his contract.  Sometime during the next year, he admitted he showed up out of shape, and had a hard time 'adjusting to the unique schedule'.  Meaning, like so many others we've brought here in my lifetime, Moises Alou liked his nightlife.

Admitting he liked to pee on his own hands to toughen his skin was also pretty gross.

His last year with us, in 2004, he put up big, if hollow, stats.  During the last dismal month of the year, time after time, Alou killed rallies in the cleanup spot, and along with his manager and several of his teammates, he decided that all the Cubs' troubles were created in the TV announcers' booth.  Which did lead to the break-up of Chip-n-Stoney, a positive development, but, still.

By the time Moises Alou had his hissy fit with the booth, it only served to remind us of his most infamous moment; naturally, the extremely unprofessional and dubious tantrum he threw in the 8th inning of Game 6. 

IF Alou was in fact able to reach that foul, it was quite unlikely he would have been able to catch it.  It would have been a great catch if he had, and there were not a lot of 'great' Alou defensive moments during his career here.  Now, Bartman should have let it go, instead of being a snivelling moron.  Fact is, he didn't, and Alou should have just given him a glance and just walked away, as a 12 year veteran should.

Instead he jumped up and down, sputtering and spitting, like an inmate who just got his cable TV privileges revoked.  Who knows what affect THAT had on the tender, gentle psyche of Mark Prior?  Who knows how that affected his entire team, to see one of its so-called elder statesmen throwing a pre-school hissy?

Moises Alou was never a favorite of mine, but showing his utter lack of composure in the most important moment of Cubs history of the past 75 years, he managed to wedge his whiny ass on my List.

The next year, he ran off to his daddy's team, and extorted another 30 million from them for two years, in which he underperformed. I guess he managed to spread his unpleasantness elsewhere. 

Just a lo-fat dickstick.  Moises Alou, one of my five Least Favorite Cubs ever.

too bad, Rob

That's too bad, Rob. While Moises wouldn't make my top 5 list, I've never had a problem with him. I thought he was a decent addition those few years. He always had injury problems and while with the Cubs he was what he was.

The memory of him jumping for the ball that Bartman stole away will forever be etched into my brain. If only he could've caught the ball!

If only...

...Gonzo wouldn't have booted the 12 hopper!!!

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