Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Preferred candidate will have played with the Chicago Cubs

On Dec. 21, the Tribune Company posted a public job listing to its corporate website and Career Builder (which has since been taking down) for the vacant broadcasting position left in the wake of Ron Santo's death. The ad was simple and to the point.

"Preferred candidate will have played with the Chicago Cubs -- or played major league baseball with previous broadcast experience as a game analyst."

I can't imagine there's a market of unemployed former Cubs players and color analysts large enough to necessitate a public listing, but whatever works, I suppose. That being said, January is coming to a close and WGN has yet to name a replacement. Is it fair to ask what is taking so long in replacing Ronnie?

The latest rumors have Keith Moreland and Dave Otto as the finalists for the gig, but shouldn't we be beyond rumors at this point? As far back as I can remember, Ronnie had one foot in the grave and one foot on a banana peel. His dexterity issues became abundantly clear last season as he was frequently prevented from traveling with the team due to his health issues. Am I supposed to believe there was no line of succession in place? Puh-lease.

The way I see it, there exists four possible reasons for this ass-draggin' (not to be confused with the strip club down the street from Rob's house, the Ass Dragon)...

1. Those responsible for hiring Santo's replacement are taking their time in order to honor the departure of a Cubs legend, but methinks the job listing on Career Builder probably ruined that.

2. As rumored a few weeks ago, Kerry Wood does indeed have a post-retirement job as the Cubs radio color analyst secured. If this were to be true, the current opening would be nothing more than a temp job and very unattractive to potential candidates. Every day the position remains open gives this rumor more viability.

3. Tribune Company, WGN and the Cubs are incompetent organizations unable to reach a mutual agreement on a replacement. Occam's razor anyone?

4. Maybe, just maybe, the Cubs aren't the draw they used to be. In concert with AJ's three-day haircut theory, perhaps all those alum the Cubs hoped would offer their services to replace Santo never turned up because they took a look at where this organization might be going in the next few years and they didn't want to be a part of it.

I know the Cubs would prefer to fill Ronnie's position with one of their former players, but at this point I'm willing to settle for the guy who doesn't make it seem like he was the last man standing for a job nobody wanted.

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