Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Regrabbing for the bullpen

Today's re-grabbers - Jason Frasor and Kiko Calero

The case for additional bullpen help: starting from the top: Our closer, Mr. Marmol, is capable of paralyzing hitters.  The problem is, it could be temporary paralysis due to slider, or permanent paralysis due to fastball in temple.  Our set up man, Mr. Guzman, is fragile, currently injured, and relatively stupid.  Our lefties, Mr. Marshall and Mr. Grabow, aren't really anything special, outside of being lefties.  Every one else I can name has less than one year experience in the majors.

The case for Mr. Calero: he may not pass a physical on his shoulder.  However, he has a superior ERA, strikeout/walk ratio, and every other relief indicator the last two plus seasons.  Training camps have started, and this man, who finished last year with an ERA under 2, is still on the outside looking in.  In a way, it appears this guy is a throwback to a simpler time.  His shoulder hurts, dammit, but he still takes the ball and pitches well.  Before the Age of Scrutiny, someone would just sign the guy to a contract and let him pitch.

Yes, this is a franchise who has been burned lately by lame pitchers.  It appears though that we are not the only team to suffer this misfortune.  Mr. Calero seemed to think that his past two years entitled him to a similar two-year commitment by his new team, for mucho dolores.  But, he has overestimated his worth.  At this point, he is likely to accept a decent one-year deal.  His new team will have to pay a few million dollars for one year, for a man whose arm may or may not fall off his shoulder.  But when you consider we are paying Silva the Hutt 14 million dollars American for the next two years, is what Calero wants really that big of a deal?

The case for Mr. Frasor: Jason Frasor has performed in, to the casual fan, anonymity for 5+ years in Toronto, and performed well, if not spectacularly.  This is his 'contract year', and he would probably command a lot of money in the open market for his somewhat above average performance.  Toronto does not appear to be willing anymore to overpay for relievers.

Mr. Frasor is a local boy who would look good in pinstripes.  But I must admit, my interest in him isn't so much based on his own prowess, as it is based on the fact that Frasor would have to be acquired in trade, and that trade could and should include one of our young relievers, and one of my favorite players, Micah (first you get the moneey, then you get the) Hoffpauir.  The Hoff really doesn't fit for us anymore, now that we have Nady, apparently keeping Fontenot (??), and most likely keeping either Chad Tracy and/or Cowboy Millar.  (My money is on Millar, since he might be the only person on the team who may have seen Uncle Lou actually play, and those two can sit around in their tightie whities and reminisce about the old days).  Meanwhile, for some reason, the Hoff seems like a Blue Jay to me, he always did.  He may thrive there.

Prognosis: you will see a trade before you see Hendry roll dice on Calero.  Hopefully that trade includes the Hoff and does not include too many real prospects.

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