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2009 Recap: Ryan Theriot

Apparently, before the 2009 season, somebody sat Ryan Theriot down and showed him this video.

Ryan seemed to be convinced that he had decent power this past season, and was hellbent on showing this fact off to everyone.

On the one hand, he did double his career home run total in one year.

On the other, check this trend out:

  • 2007: 49 BB, 50 K
  • 2008: 73 BB, 58 K
  • 2009: 51 BB, 93 K

Surprise: swinging for the fences leads to more swing-and-misses. Even with the home run in mind, Theriot still only improved his slugging percentage from last year by 10 points -- not enough to compensate for a 44 point drop in on-base percentage.

Fangraphs liked Ryan's defense last season. According to their UZR, the guy was solidly above average with the glove.

Next question: what's next? For Ryan, probably a move to second base sometime in the next two years. Everyone loves Starlin Castro's potential, and hates Theriot's arm to first.

In the meantime, drop the act, will ya Riot? Shorten your swing, get back to flipping bloops into shallow right field, take some more walks, and quit hacking.

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