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2009 Recap: Reed Johnson

Reed Johnson
Reed Johnson, Scrappy White Guy.  I'm sure that Milton Bradley was extremely jealous of Reed's popularity in the time he was in Chicago.  After all Cub fans loved Johnson and his shiny bald head, while they were apparently erecting flaming crosses whenever Milton stepped onto the field. 

The difference being, of course, that Reed does a lot with a little talent, while Bradley did little with the amazing gifts he was born with.  That doesn't mean Johnson was a shining example of Chicago in '09, though.  Far from it, he was hurt and hit about 50 points below his '08 performance.

Still, for a 4th (or 5th) outfielder, Johnson put up acceptable numbers.  He batted .255 with a .330 OBP and posted an OPS of .742, which was only 36 points below his '08 numbers when he batted .303.  The problem was that he got hurt, fracturing his foot and being DL'd on July 30th.  He returned for the final week of the season, long after the Cubs were out of it, and probably finished his career as a Cub with a double in their 5-2 loss to Arizona on October 4th. 

There are a lot of questions about Reed's future, but with the recent signing of Xavier Nady and the likely inclusion of Micah Hoffpauir (and maybe even Sam Fuld) on the 25 man roster, it's pretty certain that he'll be elsewhere in 2010.  It's understandable that he'd be gone, he was just a small cog on a team of suck in '09, but it will be a bit of a shame because he was fun to watch if only for being so successfully average.

If the 2010 Cubs will be successful, though, they will probably need a 4th outfielder who is above average, and healthy to boot.  So long, Reed.

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Never will forget

Won't ever forget his rob of Prince Fielder. Amazing play.

But I guess that is the business side of baseball. I sincerely liked the guy, and his awesome beard, and wish he was still with the ball club. But if I have to be a realist I have to say that I like the prospects of Nady more. I know it is a cliche to say, but I feel like Nady has a lot more upside to what he can do.

You will be missed, but not forgotten Mr. "Vanilla Hustle".

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