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2009 Recap: Jeff Baker


Jeffy B. Baker* came over to the Cubs in July of last year, after the Cubs realized they'd need another infielder with A-Ram's shoulder a.f.u., and Aaron Miles and Mike Fontenot both playing really terribly.

(* - I don't actually know what his middle name is.)

Baker's reputation had been that of a serviceable infielder with a decent glove, an OK bat, and plus power against lefties.

His career numbers certainly support that reputation. He's got 15 home runs in 256 at-bats against lefties, and 11 against righties in pretty much exactly twice as many at-bats.

The one caution I would throw out there is that 250 at-bats is, to my understanding, still on the borderline for being too small a sample size to make any lasting claims. So maybe he just faced some crap lefties that are making the numbers look more disparate than they should be.

I mean, look at 2009. Again, majorly small sample sizes, but Baker had an OPS of .762 against righties, and .782 against lefties.

Defensively, Baker seems to be pretty close to league average at 2nd base. He can also fill in at third, as well as the corners in the outfield.

Put it all together and you come back to that s-word I used a few paragraphs ago: serviceable. Hit him 7th or 8th, maybe slightly higher against lefties, and you'll be fine.

Better than wasting $18 million over two years on Orlando Hudson or some other old free agent, right?

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