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2009 Recap: Jake Fox

Jayke Fox
Jake Fox was your typical "Quadruple-A" player for the Cubs -- a guy that appeared too old to be stuck in the minors, but still had some pop in his bat.

The better we got to know Fox, the more we assumed we understood the problem: decent bat, no position.

But now that he's gone to Oakland, let's look at his offensive stats again to make sure we understood what Jake Fox was. If only he were better defensively -- at ANY position on the field, really -- he'd be a starter, right?

Offensively, he did post a solid... wait, .259/.311/.468? That's a .779 OPS. That's worse than Kosuke.

Post-All Star, Fox's numbers were even worse: a .228 batting average! A .285 on-base percentage! A .704 OPS! Could it be that once major league pitchers figured him out, they knew how to get him?

Despite all that, there are a couple of things working in Fox's favor going forward. Number one, Fox had a BABIP of only .285 in 2009. That translates to some bad luck. Secondly, it's really hard to take any of his splits seriously (including the .665 OPS against lefties) because of how few at-bats there are incorporated into those numbers.

The power is definitely there; given a full season of at-bats, he could hit 25 home runs. The average will probably get better than .260, but nowhere near .300. And the defense will likely remain poor.

Jake Fox could contribute to an AL team like Oakland next year. But given his performance in 2009, there just wouldn't have been any room for him on the Cubs' roster.

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