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2009 Recap: Carlos Marmol

I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't figure out Carlos Marmol. There probably isn't a more frustrating player on the entire club. For two years, Marmol was lights out and couldn't be hit. Well, he still can't be hit, but now he just walks batters.

Take a look at the numbers:

In 74 innings, Marmol only gave up a 43 hits. That's pretty impressive.

It gets better. Marmol punched out 93 batters for an 11.91 K/9 ratio. That's just nuts, I mean his stuff is so good even during a bad year for him, he still leads the team in K/9.

Riddle me this, how does a man that struck out 93 and only gave up 43 hits end up with an 1.46 WHIP?

It doesn't seem possible. His H/IP was a good .581, which should have led to an easy good WHIP, but sadly it did not, because 2009 Carlos Marmol forgot how to throw strikes until the bases were loaded. Marmol ended up walking 65 batters.

I'll write that again......65! That's almost one an inning, which is just insane with his stuff. Only two Cubs had more walks. Rich Harden had 68 (141 IP), and Carlos Zambrano 78 (169 IP). A reliever  can't be ahead of all of your other starters in walks. I mean, come on, Ryan Dempster had 65 in 200 IP.

Marmol seems to be the closer in waiting for 2010, but we all thought that in 2009 and look what happened. I think the only thing that keeps that from happening this year would be bringing in a guy like Billy Wagner, which I'm not saying we should do.

Marmol needs to take the winter and find his release point again, because if he does the Cubs have a lights out closer in 2010, which is something the Cubs really need.

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