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2009 Recap: Angel Guzman

Quick, how was the best pitcher for the Cubs in 2009? Carlos.... yeah right.....the other Carlos.....not really.....Ted Lilly.....maybe.  Seriously, who had Angel Guzman in the pool in April? I'm wrote in my player preview of Guzman that he was 50/50 to make the roster. Really?  Well, I missed on that one, but so did everyone else.

Other than a few injuries, Guzman was the one good bullpen guys the Cubs had in 2009. Overall, I really think Guzman was the best pitcher the Cubs had period. The key with bullpen guys is repeating their success the next year. Carlos Marmol was lights out for two years, but was all over the place this year. Angel needs to find a way to repeat his success this year.

He threw 61 innings this year with a 2.95 ERA, and a 1.05 WHIP. This was by far his best year as a pro, and it gives the Cubs some options next year. The Cubs can do a few things now. They can either let Marmol close and slot Guzman up in the pen, or they can sign a Billy Wagner type and let Guzman keep pitching the 7th. Either way, I think the Cubs win with this method. He is one of the few guys that I'm not really worried about going into next year.

I'm not sure if Guzman is still pre-arbitration, but if not he shouldn't cost too much next year.

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Yes, Guzman is Arb 1 eligible. He made $421,500 in 2009. However, assuming a small raise next year, I think that the Cubs will keep him for close to $500,000. Marmol is arb eligible too and will probably get close to $800,000. (from $575,000 in '09)

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