Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The problem

The problem is not that the Reds hit seven homers today and scored 14 runs.

The problem is that we only hit two homers and scored only three.

I would take the 2010 Cubs pitching any year.  Given an adequate major league offense, I could exceed .500 with the pitching staff.

Today, outside of Colvin's homers, only three Cubs made outfield outs.  Yesterday, although they managed to win a game, they set a team record by stranding 17 runners in 8 innings.
The previous two days, they were shut out once.  The previous two weeks, they have been shut out five times.  They are nearly dead last in every offensive category in the NL. 

The Cubs offense would fuck up a paint by numbers kit.  They don't know what to do.  This is the worst situational offense I have ever seen in Wrigley Field.

I did not watch the game today; I have not watched a game the past few weeks, and until some repercussions are felt, and some accountability is demanded ANYWHERE on any level in this franchise, I will continue to ignore the Cubs.

Rudy Jaramillo should be fired, yes, but he is but the mere tip of the iceberg.  He obviously has not performed his job at any sufficient manner this year, but he is not the only person at fault. 

At this point, I don't give a shit who gets fired.  Fire Kenney, fire Hendry, fire Piniella, fire all the coaches, release Lee and Ramirez and Fukudome and Soto and Hill and all of the shitty middle infielders and send Castro back to Iowa, I don't care.  Just do SOMETHING.  Don't keep running out there day after day, doing the same thing and losing the same way.

Until then, screw you, Cubs.  I have better things to do.

Really confused?

It seems pretty clear to me that there is no way the cubs are going to come close to making the play-offs. They can't get a hit or score any runs to speak of. On a normal team heads would be rolling now. It is also clear to me that Sandberg is going to be the new manager next year. So my question is why not shit can the entire staff and let Sandberg run the the ship the rest of the year? Weather I like the idea of him as the manager or not, it doesn't matter it is time for a change. maybe he could bring a little fire to this dead team and try to save a .500 season. Its just really frustrating for this life long cubs fan.
Here is one other thing I am going to throw out there, anyone think Bob Brenly could or should be the manager next year?

I would think Brenly would

I would think Brenly would get the job before Ryno did. I'd actually really like to see what BB could do with this team, especially as it continues to get younger over the next few years.

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